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Thursday, August 30, 2007


Hi guys...

Please check out Rescue2Rehome as they have a number of doggies available for adoption.

Meanwhile Jesse is still available for adoption too. I have received a number of calls but have not had a firm adopter yet. Mainly because a lot of people are not able to provide the level of care that Jesse needs in the initial stages. So give me a buzz if you think you can give Jesse a good home...


My darling Cleo has to be the best dog in the shower...

She's such a good doggie that I actually love washing her. She "sits" when she's supposed to, lies "down" when she's told to, "stands" when it's the right time, and only ever "shakes" when I say it's okay to do so. She also enjoys being blow dried, and will normally have a long afternoon nap once the whole thing is over...

How to wash a Labrador (according to ME)

Step 1: Wet coat with warm water in the shower
Step 2: Lather up with Earth Bath Shampoo

Step 3: Rinse off Shampoo

Step 4: Lather up again with Earth Bath Shampoo

Step 5: Rinse thoroughly

Step 6: Towel dry thoroughly

Step 7: Let your Lab roll around with the towels

Step 7: Blow dry with a good strong hair drier! I like Nicky Clarke's hair driers!

Step 8: Let your lab have a nice long nap...

Anyway, to those of you who think that you might like to have a labrador, I thought you should know that labs, among other breeds, have a double coat that is waterproof. This makes washing alot HARDER than some other breeds. So to keep your lab smelling nice and clean all week, you need to double wash your lab every week, and dry your lab thoroughly...

It takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to get Cleo washed and dried, and that's very fast cause she's really good about it. With Husky Boy, it takes me over 2 hours cause he's bigger and he hates his weekly showers, so he fights and that makes everything even HARDER...

So think carefully before getting yourself a dog, cause apart from the money that you need to spend on food, medical bills etc, you need to spend alot of TIME on your dog!!! And if you have more than one, that means even more MONEY and TIME!!! I spend about 5 hours a week just to wash my three monsters!

Note that all dogs should be washed at least once a week in this hot and humid climate! And another important thing to note is that in the event that your dog gets wet for whatever reason, wipe them down with a clean and damp towel, and then dry them thoroughly!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I just got some news on Toto, the little terrier mixed that was adopted from me last Saturday. He's doing great in his new home, and has a new "brother" to play with too. Here are some pictures of Toto and Xander! They are so cute together. I am so glad that Toto has found such a loving family...

Monday, August 27, 2007


Dear all

Jesse, is a 6 year old female labrador looking for a loving home. Jesse is very friendly and will make a good companion.

Jesse and Skippy were abandoned by their previous owners for no reason. Skippy has since been adopted.

And Jesse is now really miserable as she is alone at her vet's. She is severely underweight and has a skin condition that is being treated by the vet at the moment. This condition is a result of neglect by her previous owners. She should be all better soon, and she will be spayed as well. She needs a home soon where she will be loved and cared for.

So if anyone of you can adopt her, please give me a call at 016 322 8816. No crank calls please.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Hi all,

I am feeling rather depressed at the moment. Toto has just been adopted by a girl called Marini. While I am glad that he has a new home, the sadness that washed over me after he left was quite overwhelming...

Toto is such a lovely dog, and I really hope that his new owners will look after him well...

Friday, August 24, 2007


Can you tell which one is Cleo???
Almost freaked out when I saw this picture of Sunshine... The resemblance is uncanny, right down to them having the same white markings and the exact same collar!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007



Hi guys,

Here are 2 more pictures of the little terrier mixed that turned up at my gate after his bath...

It'll be great if someone could adopt him. He is a small dog and weighs about 12 kg at the moment. He is about 4 or 5 years old. He is very well behaved and extremely friendly. He loves cuddles and loves it even more if you carry him and hug him lots.

His wounds are healing, and his ears are clearing up too. He has already been dewormed and will be vaccinated once he is all better...

Give me a call if you are interested at 016 322 8816.

I also have 2 Labradors that need to be adopted TOGETHER urgently. Please call me if you can either foster them or adopt them.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hi guys...

This is really urgent, 2 labradors (male/black/10 years old & female/yellow/6 years old) have been abandoned by their owners. Need someone to foster (or adopt them) while I find them a permanent home.

Please call me if anyone of you can give me a hand... My number is 016 322 8816...


Saturday, August 18, 2007



Hi guys...

Yes I have yet another doggie... This cute and incredibly friendly little fella was literally standing in front of my gate this morning. I live in Ampang Jaya. Anyway he looks like a mixed terrier of sorts, possibly a Border Terrier Mixed or a Cairn Terrier Mixed. But then again I am not very good with small breeds.

He is a bit dirty in these pictures, but he will be getting a bath soon... If this is your dog, please give me a call at 016 322 8816, or if you would like to adopt him, please give me a buzz too... He needs to either find his owners real soon or get a new home. I really have too many dogs now...

Pleas help pass this round... thanks a million...

Friday, August 17, 2007


Cleo, knocked out by tranquilisers...

Cleo with her foot bandaged...

Cleo, chewing on her Kong... feeling better...

Cleo had a minor accident early this morning... gave me quite a fright. She fell down the last 5 steps of our 3 level staircase!!! And I was so worried that she broke her leg cause her left hind leg was shaking and it obviously was hurting her alot cause she wouldn't let me touch it. I calmed her down, and then finally managed to check her leg and discovered that one of her nails had broken and was poking her foot. There was quite a bit of blood that spurted out too... Managed to put a wad of gauze on the nail and tape it up, and then called my vet.

Managed to get through to my vet, Dr John of Hayward Animal Clinic, and he met us at the clinic in 20 minutes, well before his operating hours. Thank goodness Douglas was home today cause I wouldn't have been able to carry Cleo into the car... Doug had to carry her into the clinic too cause she couldn't walk. It was that painful... Dr John had to give her a tranquiliser in the end to calm her down caus it was hurting her so much that he couldn't do anything to her foot. We had to take the whole nail out carefully cause all the nerve endings were there...

We really need to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Dr John for coming out to meet us at the hour in the morning and for being ever so gentle with Cleo...And Cleo deserves a special mention for being such a good dog throughout the entire episode. Most dogs would react aggresively even towards their owners when they are in so much pain, but Cleo didn't show any aggresion, annoyance or irritation towards us or Dr John through the entire ordeal, although she was in severe pain! She is really such a good baby!!!

So that was our rather dramatic morning...
See, Cleo is generally clumsy on the staircase, and therefore she has been trained to go up and down slowly, and if it's dark she can only go up and down the staircase after the lights have been turned on.

But of late, she and Lucky have been quite naughty and have been running up and down the stairs regardless of how much I yell at them. It's fine for Lucky cause he is really sure footed and incredibly agile. Cleo on the other hand is her usual clumsy self and trips every now and then...Sigh, will have to re-inforce the staircase rules as soon as she is better...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007



Hi guys...

Can anyone give this lovely puppy a home? She was rescued by a friend of mine with 2 of her siblings. The other 2 have since been adopted. Please contact me at 016 322 8816 if you are interested. She has been vaccinated and dewormed.


Friday, August 10, 2007


Hi Guys....

In my previous post, I mentioned that Vitamin C was good for doggies, especially for dogs that are ill, injured or recovering from an illness. It's also very good for older dogs. My belief in Vitamin C stems from personal experience with treating dogs after extensive reading on the subject.

NOTE: This recommendation is NOT a substitute for proper Medical Attention from a Qualified Veterinarian!!!

Everyone knows that Vitamin C has been the "cure" for the common cold, although in recent years therer has been much negative publicity on the benefits of Vitamin C. However, there has been extensive research on the benefits of Vitamin C, in particular by two individuals : Linus Pauling, and Dr Mathias Rath, whereby Vitamin C has been proven to help patients with heart disease and in many cases even reverse heart disease.

The rationale for this is that Vitamin C has high amounts of AntiOxidants which is crucial for cellular maintenance and regeneration. Vitamin C is essential for the body’s cells, as it is responsible for producing a sufficient amount of collagen fibres in good operating condition. Therefore in a sick individual or canine, high amounts of Vitamin C can assist and speed up recovery as it helps regenerate damaged cells in the body.

My personal experience with Vitamin C came after my father suffered a heart attack several years ago. He had to undergo emergency angiogram followed by angioplasty as they discovered that there were 2 blocked arteries. They cleared the crucial block (100% blocked) that caused the heart attack, while the remainin artery was left for a planned angioplasty in the future. It was then that I read extensively on heart disease, and discovered Dr Mathias Rath's book: Why Animals don't get Heart Attacks...But People Do?

In his book, Dr Rath asks, then why don’t animals get heart attacks? Well, one animal, besides humans, does get it. The guinea pig gets heart disease. We have one thing in common with the guinea pig: our bodies do not manufacture vitamin C. All other animals manufacture vitamin C. Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen and protects the arteries from damage. Additionally, animals can get atherosclerosis if they are stressed enough and fed diets high in trans-fats. (Therefore it is important that we do not feed our canine companions human food as it is usually cooked with alot of oil, fat and salt)

Based on Dr Rath's book, among others, I started my father on mega doses of Vitamin C, in addition to a heart healthy diet. After 6 months, a follow up angiogram revealed that the remaining artery that was 60% blocked at the time of the heart attack, had reduced to 35%. The doctors were surprised. And therefore my father did not have to undergo the second angioplasty.

I then started taking mega doses of Vitamin C too as I suffer from chronic sinusitis. My condition used to be so bad that I was an anti-biotics and antihistamines etc for weeks at a time, and I was virtually dependant on a number of nasal sprays. I literally could not breathe without nasal sprays. I was told that there was no help for my condition except tons of medication and surgery.

After about 3 months of taking 3000mg of Vitamin C a day, I started to notice that I didn't get nasal congestion as often as I used to, and when I did get it, it wasn't as bad. After 6 months, my sense of smell returned. My tolerance to cigarette smoke and dust has also improved. My nose used to get clogged immediately if anyone smoked near me. I can now sit in pubs with alot of smoke quite comfortably - of course I try to avoid the situation as best as I can.

I have also used Vitamin C for my canine companions whenever they have been ill. Johnny, my beloved mongrel who has passed on, suffered a serious fall from the top of the staircase when he was about 15. One of his hind legs was severely damaged and we were told that he would not be able to use it again. I started Johnny on 4000mg of Vitamin C a day - 1000mg given at 6 hour intervals. Note that excess Vitamin C is flushed out of the body, which is why the dosage should be repeated at regular intervals. Within a few days, we noticed that the pain in his leg had subsided, and he regained use of his leg within a few weeks.

We then switched to Oxyfresh AntiOxidants once we felt that Johnny was better. We gave him high doses of Vitamin C later on when he started suffering from old age illnesses, and we found that he always perked up and recovered from whatever he was suffering almost immediately. Johnny finally passed on when he was 17.5 years old, which is very old for your regular mongrel.

We also gave Cleo high doses of Vitamin C immediately after she was spayed, and her stitches healed beautifully. She hasn't got any scars. She has also taken Vitamin C whenever she has tummy trouble etc, and she always recovers quickly. The same goes for Lucky. But we also always ensure that we take them to the vet, just in case the condition is more serious.

So there's my personal experience with Vitamin C. I really believe that it promotes celular regeneration which is what speeds up the healing process. Also I think it is very interesting that alot of beauty products have now incorporated Vitamin C into their formulas to promote youthfullness. This youthfullness is due to the cellular regeneration that Vitamin C promotes.

Anyway enough rambling on my end. Here are some links on Vitamin C that you might find useful. Once again, please note that this posting is my opinion and in NO way substitutes professional medical advice. Also it is important to note, that some people may have adverse reactions to Vitamin C.

Vitamin C Foundation

Vitamin C - Wikipedia

Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the key nutrient for the stability of blood vessels, the heart and all other organs in our bodies. Without vitamin C, our bodies would literally collapse and dissolve, as in scurvy.

Vitamin C is responsible for the optimum production and function of collagen, elastin and other connective tissue molecules that give stability to our blood vessels and our entire bodies.

Vitamin C is important for fast wound healing throughout our bodies, including the healing of millions of tiny wounds and lesions inside our blood vessel walls. It is the most important antioxidant in the body. Optimum amounts of vitamin C effectively protect the cardiovascular system and body against biological rusting.

Vitamin C is also a cofactor for a series of biological catalysts (enzymes), which are important for the improved metabolism of cholesterol, triglycerides and other risk factors. This helps to decrease the risk for cardiovascular disease. It is an important energy molecule needed to recharge energy carriers inside the cells.

Dr. Rath has proven in his laboratory and clinical trials that Vitamin C with other synergistic nutrients is essential for the synthesis of collagen - the most important stability molecule which reinforces the vascular and arterial walls, protects cellular membranes against damage from excessive oxidation, plays an important role in prevention of diabetes, cancer, and other chronic diseases. Please read more about it on


Poor old Lucky has been having some tummy woes... Yup his tummy has been giving him some problems for the past 2 weeks... why you say? Well I guess it's because he is incredibly bored (from not being able to go for walks since my accident), and therefore he has been an incredibly naughty boy!!! He has been chewing and ingesting alot of things that he shouldn't be ingesting!!!

Here are some of the things that he has been up to...

Lucky, looking forlorn... If you look closely at this picture, you'll notice that he has even chewed our bedroom door!!!

The curtains in the living room has been ripped to shreds in several places...

Lucky has been sinking his teeth into everything and anything that he can get his teeth into... including our sofa!!!

Our coffee table is no longer a rectangle... all four corners of the table has been chewed off!!!

Anyway, he started having really runny poo from having all this rubbish in his tummy... I know this is a bit disgusting. But that was how it was and it was gross. Thankfully, both my Lucky and Cleo are fully potty trained, and so his "shitty messes" have been confined to their private toilet (yes they have a dedicated toilet in the house! One toilet is solely for their use...), which has also made cleaning up a whole lot easier.

So Dr Jon, our vet at Hayward Animal Clinic, ordered a poo/stool sample, or in clinical terms, a faecal sample. I had the honour of collecting the sample this morning, and had to put it in a little container and a zip loc bag...Yuck... have any of you had to do this?

We sent this stool sample off to the lab this morning. Hopefully the results will be back soon and hopefully it's nothing serious...

So guys, one very important aspect of your dog's training is to get them potty trained. Because when you have a situation like this, the last thing you need is for your dog to go potty all over the house!!! Cause I can tell you that the cleaning up will be hell!!!

Also, if your dog is ever sick, I find that giving them mega doses of Vitamin C, will help them recover quite quickly. If Cleo or Lucky are slightly off their usual form, they will get a quick boost with 1000mg of Vitamin C, or more depending on how ill they are. In this case, Lucky has been taking a total of 3000mg of Vitamin C per day. It really helps their body fight whatever infection or problem that they might be facing. And Vitamin C can helo sustain them especially if you cannot get them to a vet quickly...

Of course please note that this is not a substitute for medical attention, and if your dog is a smaller dog, then the dosage should be lower!!!

Husky Boy was given up to 4000mg of Vitamin C per day when he first arrived to boost his immune system and to speed up the healing process. And now he takes 2000mg a day, and is doing really well... He has put on 6 kgs since he arrived and is no longer all skin and bones. His stomache condition is also very much improved, and his wounds are almost all healed...

Vitamin C is like the magic solution to most problems for dogs... I will explain why in my next post...

Thursday, August 09, 2007


A really good friend of mine has a lovely GSD (German Shepherd Dog for those who don't know the lingo - I didn't know what a GSD was for the longest time although we had GSDs for the first 15 years of my life). Anyway his GSD is a little underweight, and doesn't pack as much muscle as my Cleo and Lucky, although he eats a whole load of very high quality keeble.

I have been asked what's the secret to Cleo and Lucky's fine physiques?!

See I personally feel that a good keeble brand is essential for the well being of our canine companions. It is however inadequate, no matter what the producers say... Cleo and Lucky are on BilJac, a very high quality keeble, but they also get fresh, human grade meat at every meal.
I call it The Cleopatra Diet... So what is in The Cleopatra Diet? Let's take a sneak peak into Cleo's kitchen...

Cleo in the kitchen - inspecting the quality of food that is being prepared

Chicken organs - before cleaning
All the fats and blood are removed
- yes there's that much fat and blood just from 5 chicken hearts!!!
Cleaned meat - fat free
Fresh chicken meat
All meat - chicken, liver and some organs are boiled with a little bit of fresh garlic for 20 minutes. Remember NO salt!!!

The boiled meat is cooled and packed into containers to be frozen
Meat is defrosted and heated before each meal...
Lucky waiting expectantly for dinner...
Meat is mixed with keeble...

Cleo, enjoying her dinner!!! Yum Yum...
Well there you have it folks, The Cleopatra Diet. Cleo and Lucky get a fresh batch of meat cooked every week, which is then frozen in small portions. They get a portion at every meal mixed with their keeble. Usually the meat that they get comprises of chicken with some liver and organs (very small amount of organs). Other times they get a mixture of chicken meat and minced lamb...
Cleo and Lucky get a portion of meat mixed with 1 cup of keeble. They also eat fixed amounts at fixed times every day : 9am and 6pm. Cleo and Lucky also don't really get very many commercial snacks, human food or even table scraps. This is what keeps them happy and healthy...