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Monday, August 27, 2007


Dear all

Jesse, is a 6 year old female labrador looking for a loving home. Jesse is very friendly and will make a good companion.

Jesse and Skippy were abandoned by their previous owners for no reason. Skippy has since been adopted.

And Jesse is now really miserable as she is alone at her vet's. She is severely underweight and has a skin condition that is being treated by the vet at the moment. This condition is a result of neglect by her previous owners. She should be all better soon, and she will be spayed as well. She needs a home soon where she will be loved and cared for.

So if anyone of you can adopt her, please give me a call at 016 322 8816. No crank calls please.


Wandernut said...

Aiyoh... the poor girl.
I would love to take her in but have to check with my folks. I live with them and they spend more time with Sunshine then I do while I'm at work. So gotta make sure they can handle two dogs. At Jesse's age, she would be less of a handful compared to Sunshine. Let you know soon.

Natasha Fernz said...

Hi Wandernut...

Would be great if you could take her. She is not difficult to handle. I'm going to get her skin condition (NOT contagious) cleared up as much as possible before she goes to anyone. She'll be spayed too.

She's just slightly hyper with people at the moment cause she is starved for affection.

But after 15 minutes with her, she calmed down and was just happy to walk with me slowly...

Sigh... how can people be so cruel...

munkeat yip said...

helo is 1am when i saw this i hope u can msn me at if u still have any pets to adopt or this lil gal.....or jz to discuss about pets...nite ntie