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Thursday, August 09, 2007


Hello everyone,

This post is quite a depressing one as it highlights how cruel humans can be. This poor dog was run over twice and left to die, and would have died a slow and painful death if she hadn't been rescued. Girl, the name she was given by her rescuers, is recovering but needs a good home where she will be looked after, as she is paralysed. Can any of you find it in your hearts to give her a home?

It is really heartbreaking to know that humans can be capable of such cruelty. Just a few weeks ago I rescued a dog that was run over too. Unfortunately the poor doggie had to be put down as it was also very very sick.

Girl, however, has a chance to live. Please give her that chance by taking her home...



Dog survives two mishaps

extracted from The Star

ITS lower half is paralysed but it has mustered every bit of its strength to live.

The dog, named Girl by those who found it, was knocked down while cross-ing the road.
A good Samaritan (who declined to be named) who saw the accident went to it rescue but before that, a bus also went over the injured dog.

Although paralysed due to a broken backbone and suffering from several ab-rasive wounds that are still healing, Girl has made a remarkable recovery in just a few days at the See Veterinary Medical Centre in Bandar Baru Sri Petaling.

Getting better: Girl recovering at the veterinary clinic.

Veterinarian Dr See Kok Ping, who attended to the dog, said he hoped it would be adopted and given a lot of care due to her state.

“It has an incontinence problem because of its injury and it needs to be turned every now and then to prevent bed sores,” said Dr See.

“It has a strong will to live even though it is hurt so badly,'' said the good Samaritan. We hope someone out there can give it a chance to live.”

The Good Samaritan has offered to pay for a customised wheelchair for the dog.
Those wishing to help the dog can call Dr See at 03-9056 4435 or 012-330 2911

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