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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Dear all,

Here are the pictures of the dog I rescued earlier this morning. The pictures are a bit bad as the dog was in a funny angle and I didn't want to use a flash cause that would just traumatise him further.

He is resting at my vet's place and has started on a course of anti-biotics to prevent the leg from getting infected. He has eaten twice already, but my vet (Dr Jon Singham of Hayward Animal Clinic) is feeding him small amounts at a time because he is very emaciated and therefore may not be able to digest the food properly.

He’s in quite a state at the moment and the vet has not been able to do much with him yet. He is very very frightened, and we think that he was run over by a car and left for dead. His left foreleg is broken completely, so we will have to amputate his leg at the shoulder.

Before we can do that we will need to do some bloodwork to check his blood count and to check his liver, kidney etc, and also to test for heartworms. If he’s all clear then we can proceed with the amputation. I will only go ahead with this only if someone takes him after that, cause I can’t board him indefinitely and he will need a forever home.

Another vet friend of mine, Dr Lynette Low of HillPark Vet, has agreed to look after him post op for a bit till he is somewhat better and can go to his new home.

Okay guys, will really appreciate it if one of you out there could either foster or adopt him. I really wish I could do it myself, but I don't have the space as I already have 3 dogs now, Cleo, Lucky and Husky Boy. Please come forward to help. I think he will make a good companion...

Please call me at 016 322 8816 or email me at if you can find it in your hearts to take this fella in...

Thanks so much...

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