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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I have a Siberian Husky (male) with me at the moment. He was rescued 3 days ago from the Sierra Mass area in Sungai Buloh by Shalina, a mobile vet.
He had a very bad maggot wound on his left leg and Shalina has managed to clean up the wound and remove all the maggots. We are treating his wound every day to make sure it heals.

He is a Black Husky with White Markings and is very gentle and friendly with humans. He's great with non-aggresive dogs. So at the moment he's okay with Cleo but is having some issues with Lucky (cause Lucky barks at him).

Please help us find his owner asap. Call me at 016 322 8816 if you have any information about this dog, or email me at


ROSSI said...

oh my.. this husky looks great.. but a bit sad.. wonder how can he got lost? Shall ask my frens with huskies, see whether they have someone lost theirs..

Amber-Mae said...

I think it's a lost dog... Coz eventho he had a bad infected leg & pob was very messy too before you bathe him, he still looks in okay condition. That means he's not an abandoned dog. I'll help to spread the word around for you... You should stick photostated pics of him on trees near homes in the place where you found him. He could be from one of the houses there...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Katherine and Pippa, said...

What a beautiful dog, and how kind of you to look after him while you try to find the owner.

Pippa & Kate

Natasha said...

Hello Rossi,

It'll be great if you can spread the word...


We've put up notices near where he was foundf. But every bit of help counts.

Hey Pippa & Kate,

Thanks for stopping by again... I see you've been up to quite a bit yourself...

I try to rescue dogs that I see cause it breaks my heart to see them fending for themselves. Esp since this country is not that friendly towards dogs. Unfortunately I can't take in every dog... Wish I had the time, space and $$$ to do so...