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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Hey everyone,

I have been asked several times for new pictures of Cleo, our Labrador Retriever and Lucky, our little rascal. Well here they are... Hope you guys like them. They're spoilt rotten and we love them to bits!

Cleo in OUR bed with her favourite soft toy...

Lucky & Cleo at MEAL Time!!!

Cleo & Lucky messing about...

Cleo & Lucky playing TUG of WAR!!!

Cleo relaxing in her bed...

Lucky trying his best to squeeze into Cleo's bed...

Cleo & Lucky having a grand time playing on OUR bed!!!

Husky Boy relaxing on the porch with his very own fan!!!

Husky Boy enjoying a Kong stuffed with yummy treats!

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Sophie Brador said...

If you painted Cleo's nose pink, she would look just like me! And my mom would buy your house, if it were somewhere near Montreal. :-)

Natasha Fernz said...

Hey Sophie

Thanks for the offer... we've had no luck so far though...

In the mean time, how's your escape plan coming along???


Lucas said...

Hi Cleo! Great pix you got there. You're very lucky they allow you to climb up the bed. I'm not allowed as I shed a lot and sometimes when I come in the house, I'm very filthy after lots of playing outside. Hehe.