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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We (Natasha & Douglas Lim) like to think that our darling Cleo is a Model Canine Citizen. I think our view is that of all proud parents - be it parents of real kids or furkids.

In any case, we are of the opinion that having Cleo is a million times better than having a real kid. She is so well behaved that we often forget that she is a dog... We also sincerely believe that she understands every word we say... so much so that we have started to spell things to prevent her from getting excited unecessarily... esp the word W A L K

Anyway here are some pictures of Cleo, which demonstrates what a good girl she is...

Cleo snoozing next to our invitation cards as we're writing them out...

Cleo relaxing on the covered sofas out of the way of the workmen who were painting the house... She didn't bother them at all...

Cleo and Douglas catching 40 winks...


Katherine and Pippa, said...

Ooops, thought you had nice cream throws like me.

Didn't realise they were dust sheets.


Yap Yue Loong said...

Nice pic and fully agreed as my lab also act the same way .. which he doesn't really bother with people walking around the house except time for foods and walk :)

Keep up with the nice pics

Amber-Mae said...

Awwww, she is a good girl. I don't really bother anyone too aftre meeting them. Last time the gardeners were at myt house making a mess of the porch, planting new plants and all & I'm just not bothered about them. Let them do what they've got to do lah! Heeeheee... What are those invitation cards for? Your barkday coming soon izzit?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Natasha said...

Hello Pippa,

Good to hear from you. No we don't have throws on the sofas cause Lucky would rip them to shreds!!!

Yap, thanks for stopping by. Do you have a blog too???


Hello... we retrievers are a real laid back bunch huh???

The invites were for Mommy and Daddy's wedding do sometime back. They had a small do with just close family members, and Mommy's best pals from University cause things were a bit complicated...

So I didn't get to invite any friends, although I was the highlight of their wedding... See their wedding blog for pictures, though they are still updating it...

Okay got to get my beauty sleep, otherwise I'll be too tired for my walk in the morning... ;o)


yap yue loong said...

Yes .. . i do have a blog but did not revive it :( and i have forgotten the password and name (embrassing) :(

nevertheless .. i am trying to work something to coincide my lab pic together with my up and coming new born baby [which as at todate still relaxing in mummy stomach :) ] .. shall keep u all posted.