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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Evie, Shenaaz and I visited the Selayang Pound again with the SPCA yesterday, 2nd October 2007. The conditions were as hellish as ever. I don't think that I can brave another visit, although I know I probably would have to.

I have loads of pictures from this trip, but have yet to upload all of them. It's breaking my heart to have look at the pictures. I have managed to put some on my Facebook account. Click here to view them.

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A wounded dog that has not been treated

This boy was completely drenched

The cages were somewhat cleaner than on Monday, as we arrived just after the floors were washed. Bear in mind that the dogs are not removed from the cages when the floors are washed. So most dogs either get wet from being hosed down or will get wet from having to lie in the water. One dog was completely drenched - I couldn't understand why.

Dangerous metal bits on the inside of the cages...

I am also unsure why there were dangerous bits of metal fencing that were left on the insides of some of the cages. These could easily cause injury to the dogs - but maybe that's what the bits of metal was for...

This time we noted that the dogs did not have any shade from the sun, as I had suspected from my first visit. The cages provided minimal shelter from the afternoon sun. The sun was shining directly into the cages. This also means that when it rains heavily or storms (as it often does in Malaysia), these poor dogs would be drenched to the bone.

2 puppies that were together with the adults. 1 is skeletal while the other is suffering from a severe eye infection. He was unable to open his eyes the entire duration that we were there.
The 3 cages donated by the SPCA were not utilised. We had wanted to transfer the puppies into the cages ourselves on Monday but we were not allowed to. The Health Inspector told us that it would be done.

There were 2 puppies that were isolated. But their cage was left in the baking sun with no shade at all. Alan of SPCA had to rummage through some stuff at the pound before managing to find a tray to try and shield them from the sun.

This puppy is desperately trying to get at the soggy food on the floor

These puppies were fed while we were there. A large amount of food was given in a plastic plate which the pups tipped over. All the food slipped through the cage and onto the floor. They were unable to eat any of it. And one of the workers proceeded to wash the floor right where the puppies were at this time. The food became obviously became wet.A fight between the two of them also broke out...

After some time, we managed to persuade them to let the puppies out so that they could eat the soggy food.

The seventh cage that was used to store random things instead of easing the congestion in the other cages. There's plenty of space elsewhere for these things...

The cats were in a slightly better condition. But their water was full of sand, and there were 3 dead foetuses in the shelter. The tabby that had given birth to them was still in labour. She was in the midst of delivering another kitten. We asked if the vet had come to look at her. The answer was no. We asked if the vet will be able to come. We were not given a straight answer.

This dog with the wound has yet to be treated although the Health Inspector was already notified of his condition on Monday.

One of the workers accidentally let slip that the vet only comes once a month. He was quickly reprimanded by the other, in Tamil - of which I could understand a few words. The first worker then corrected himself and told us that the vet comes once a fortnight. This was interesting news to us whichever the case is... for MPS had announced that the vet visited every week.

I just cannot understand how people can be so heartless. I just can't...

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Amber-Mae said...

The dogs look soooo sad & hungry... It is very heartbreaking to see them like that but they all seem to be very well behaved in the cages excpet for one dog who seems to be interested in the female & wagging his short stubby tail. Poor dogs...Visiting PAWS already breaks my hoomans hearts.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Natasha Fernz said...

Hi Amber,

There were a few fights again while we were there. We weren't quite quick enough to operate our camera phones to video it... except for the fight between two puppies which I shall be posting soon...

They are all very sad... they were alright with us there cause we were friendly to them and not threatening. But if a truck comes in they all howl and shiver in fear!

Wandernut said...

The poor fellas.

Planning to expose all their lies to the press?

Anonymous said...

I guess the pound was locked from noon to 3pm on Friday cos they follow the Friday prayer schedule. Thats when a lot of things tend to slow down or shut down and thsoe are the times that things are hardest to get done. I also fear the Raya break. What kind of employees manage the pound I wonder. Will they be away on Raya break? I fear the dogs and cats will be left on their own for 1-2 weeks with no food and water.