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Monday, October 01, 2007


I have just received this report from the SPCA regarding their second visit to the MPS Dog Pound last Friday:

1200 SPCA staff went to the pound, but the door was locked.

1310 The door was still locked.

1445 A VetFine (hired contractors by MPS to catch dogs)van came and waited at the pound.

1500 More SPCA staff arrived, Joanne left.

1515 The pound was opened by 2 MPS kennel personnel. The VetFine van drove in.

1520 Vetfine staff unloaded 3 dogs into the kennels. Then they loaded 12 dogs alive into their
van. When asked, they said that the dogs were to be taken to Kuala Selangor to be euthanised and disposed on the spot. When queried why the dogs cannot be euthanised immediately at the pound, no one could provide any answers.

1530 Vetfine van sped off quickly. SPCA staff unable to follow. SPCA also took back 6 puppies for rehoming.

Some important things to note:
1. Vetfine is the hired dog catching contractor of MPS
2. All dogs are supposed to be euthanised at the MPS Pound under the supervision of the pound's vet. So why were 12 dogs taken away alive by VetFine?
3. VetFine are the same people that have been accused of brutally killing 5 dogs in the Ampang Jaya Area.
4. The MPS Dog Pound is in a deplorable condition

I am once again pleading to all of you to help make a difference for these dogs. Please write in to the press, to the Prime Minister, to the political parties and to animal rights organisations around the world.

See previous post for a list of addresses you can write to. Please let me know if you have addresses of other relevant authorities or organisations. You can email me at

1 comment:

Amber-Mae said...

I've a feeling they took the dogs to sell to restaurants. I mean, you're right! Why not put them down straight in the pound? Why must take sooo much trouble to drive them all the way to Kuala Selangor or where ever they were bringing them to just to put them down? ALL dog pounds are fishy not only MPS.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer