Friday, October 05, 2007


A wounded dog that has not been treated

A large number of you have contacted me asking how you can help... I have been cautious about putting up information as I have been worried about the reprecussions for the dogs.

Anyway, some friends have done some "detective" work and we have discovered that there is a possibility of adopting from the pound.... We could not do this ourselves as we are already known faces at the pound.

Basically our friends visited the pound on the pretext of losing their dog. And then they pretended that their dog wasn't there. They were told to check back in a week. They were also told that the dogs were kept for a week, sometimes 2 weeks, sometimes a month. This means there is no proper management of the dogs...

When our friends asked if they could adopt if they do not find their dog... the answer was a yes. But there was a RM 100.00 "adoption" fee. So if any of you are interested in saving these dogs to give them immediate relief, perhaps you can make a trip to the pound and adopt one or two dogs...

You will have to decide which dogs you would want to adopt - either the very sick ones so that you can put them out of their misery (I hate putting down dogs, but for some of them in the pound this is the best option), or choose the healthiest ones so that they can have a new lease on life with you.

We're working on several other options for the current dogs, but the amount of politics and protocall involved is ridiculous. Hopefully we will manage to achieve something soon so that future dogs will not have to be subject to this intolerable cruelty.

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