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Thursday, September 20, 2007


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Dear all,

Finally we have converted the video tape to digital format. We apologise for the "captions" on the top of the video... but we are not quite professionals in this area... so we hope you'll bear with the somewhat poor quality. Will try to upload a better version soon...

Will also translate the conversation (as some of it was in Malay) for the benefit of everyone soon)

As there has been so much publicity on this "assault" we felt that it was imperative that we post this video. All of you can now see for yourselves what happened. Ann Nee did not approach Rasheed. He came towards her!!!

Also, I think alot of people do not understand the Legal Definition for the word "Assault". People seem to think that assault only means a violent attack with physical injury as a result. Assault includes both verbal threats and physical threats. So let me give you the legal definition for Common Assault (thanks for the tip Bernie Wernie):

S39 Criminal Justice Act 1988 (UK) provides that an assault is: “any act by which a person intentionally or recklessly causes another to apprehend immediate unlawful violence.”

Webster's New World College Dictionary, provides that an assault is: "an unlawful threat or unsuccessful attempt to do physical harm to another, causing a present fear of immediate harm".

So in this context, even words alone can cause an assault, if that person can apprehend immediate harm! Note that the person need not be “afraid” or to have “actual” fear as long as there is an immediate threat of unlawful violence.

Assault can be defined to include not only violence, but any physical contact with another person without their consent. In this case it is pretty obvious that Ann Nee, Suren and Anthony were assaulted by this Rasheed character.

We also find it incredibly interesting that the YDP of MPS, Zainal Abidin Azim denied even knowing Rasheed Sultan Afshur when contacted by the Malay Mail. This was reported in the Malay Mail on Monday.

Subsequently, a second report on Tuesday in the Malay Mail (which is unfortunately unavailable online at the moment), the MPS admitted that Rasheed was a headman of a nearby village, and had attended the meeting because he was INVITED by the MPS. Then on Wednesday, The Star also confirmed tthat Rasheed was the head villager of Kg Laksamana. Hmmm how interesting...

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michelleho said...

Hi there Tasha, I have been following your entreis ever since the dog-catching competition was publicised. Anyway, I realise that MPS has still not taken down the offending Ad and now I realised why - "Laman Web Ini Telah Dikemaskini Pada : 30 Julai 2007" - I could do it for them if they are short-staffed :P (BTW - congrats on your marriage to my favourite Kopitiam fellar - Douglas!)

Amber-Mae said...

Actually what was the reason for him for hitting her? She was only taking a video of him walking pass, nothing wrong with that is it? What an idiot!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Wandernut said...

as head of kampung laksamana, he was probably dreaming of making an easy RM15k by catching the dogs himself... good thing it's off!!!

morons like him shouldn't breed.