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Monday, September 17, 2007


As at 4.00pm today - 18 Sept 2007,
To all readers of this blog...

I am sure that most of you, Malaysians that is, would have read the sensational news that was on the front page of The Malay Mail today. It read MPS Man ASSAULTED Me.

I was very surprised that The Malay Mail was quite so bold in this article, and I laud them for it. All other mainstream papers have played down the hostility and animosity shown by the Council towards the NGOs and animal lovers that were present at the meeting last Friday.

So far Malay Mail has been the only mainstream paper that has had the audacity to report the other side of the story, albeit in a sensationalised fashion. Well done Malay Mail!!!

The Council's complete disregard for the rights of the disabled (as seen by originally scheduling the meeting in a building with no access for the disabled), and indifference shown by Council members towards the safety and security of the disabled when the scuffle between the NGOs and an unidentified MPS person ensued, reflects the shallow minds that cooked up this horrific dog catching competition in the first place. This has been well depicted by the Malay Mail in their article.

See The Inside Story for my account of what happened - which I believe is an unbiased view, and I tried very hard to write it as objectively as possible.

To those of you who have not read my post, The Inside Story, you would probably be really shocked at what was reported by the Malay Mail. Folks, let me tell you that what really transpired at MPS on Friday as reported by the Malay Mail was almost entirely true, and not as far fetched as it seems, although slightly dramatised and sensationalised.

The two significant differences would be that firstly, the man that was accussed of attacking Ms Lim Ann Nee did NOT hit her on the head. He hit her video camera and her arm, but then again one could construe that if he did try to hit her video camera which was held up pretty close to her head, that he did try to hit her head. But I leave that to the reader's discretion. Also note that Ms Lim clearly stated that

“He wanted to hit my head but failed because I was leaning and moving back to protect myself".

The other difference would be that while the Assailant did not verbally threaten Mr Anthony, we do not know the true intentions of the Assailant, identified as Heckler # 1 in The Inside Story. We believe that he was trying to attack Suren, the President of ROAR, and because Mr Anthony Thansayan the President of PETPOSITIVE was caught in the cross fire, it was an incredibly threatening situation for Mr Anthony as it made him extremely vulnerable to serious injury.

I think I have to point out once again, for the benefit of everyone, that the person accused of assault, was the very same person that was heckling at us when we were at MPS on Tuesday, 11 th Sept 2007, to handover the petition signatures we had collected. This person was unidentified at the time and vehemently denied that he was from MPS. At the time we were surprised that the security did nothing to stop his actions.

However, when we saw him at the meeting on Friday, we realised immediately that he was an MPS person of sorts; and we realised why the security personnel did nothing to stop his unruly behaviour on Tuesday. We now know that he is , Rasheed Sultan Afshur the Ketua Kampung of Kg Laksamana in Selayang.

Extracted from The Sun:
As he stood up Kg Laksamana village head Rasheed Sultan Afshur, who was representing his area, shouted: "Jangan kurang ajar tahu (Don’t be rude, understand)." Rasheed then stood up and rushed towards Surendran.

While some parties have denied that he was from MPS, I am inclined to then ask why was he at the meeting? And if he wasn't an "MPS person", why did the Council including the Chairman not stop him from behaving they way he did? Also bear in mind, that the term "MPS person" need not necessarily imply that one has to sit on the Council as a Director or even a Committee Member. All of this has been made more interesting as the YDP of MPS has apparently denied even knowing who Rasheed was.

Extracted from The Malay Mail:
Zainal also denied knowing the alleged assailant and why he was at the meeting.

I could go on and on about this issue, but I think I shall stop here. I believe that this man, Rasheed, is the epitome of moral decay, and that his fellow comrades in the Council are no better, and I quote

"All it takes for evil to triumph is for the good people to do nothing" - Edmund Burke


Desmond said...

Should have taken a video shot and get Youtube to air it :)

Natasha Fernz said...

we're considering that... we have video footage but we're not sure if we will get into trouble for it... esp since the issue with the guy who aired his Negarakuku thing...

Lichienshihtzus said...

Dear Natasha,
Go on, put it on You tube as we really want to see for ourselves how fair the officials are.
We think You tube is OK.

LiChien Shih Tzus

c said...

hmm you might want to check with any legal eagles about possible repurcussions.
Better make a back up of the video and store it online. There's a lot of sites that allow free video storage (within a limit).

What are the cops doing with the reports? Did they state if there was an investigation or just 'tak mengapa' attitude? :((

Natasha Fernz said...

Hi guys...

Yes we're trying to see what legal problems we might face if we put the video online...

but for those of you who are interested, Malaysia Kini already has a very short clip available. But you need to be subscribed to it to view the video... See

Hope this bit of information is the mean time thanks for your support!

ROSSI said...

I am getting more and more disgusted with these people... how on earth we have such humans like this.. can't they see how ugly they are when they assault and behaving rudely?..

I walked Rossi last 2 days ago.. near our house's garden (there r no sign put up of restricting pets).. a malay guy passed us by n shouted at us.. he said "Ooi.. kenapa u tarik anjing tu dekat sini?.. nanti, dia berak.. "
I hold a plastic bag and a tissue up high to show him that i will pick up the poop if he did poop.. am trying so hard to let them understand that they are people like us will take care of the environment and be a responsible dog owner.. but that guy just rode away with his motorcycle.. without even wanted to listen to me.. I just failed to explain myself.. which am so disappointed..

How can we help to help them?.. am just wondering.. should we have a big heart to forgive them and hoping they will change?.. no matter what attempt and how hard we try... it just never be enough.. these people will never understand..

tell me how can we help?...

Kien (Rossi's mom)

Natasha Fernz said...

Hi Rossi...

Sorry to hear about your bad experience... I get that too sometimes. And I get it worse usually cause I look very Melayu, and so the Malays really condemn me when they see me with my dogs. But then there are lots of them who are also curious and stop to find out more about dogs... so we just have to bear with it and try our best to educate everyone including non-malays about responsible dog ownership...

Take care then
Cleo & Natasha