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Saturday, September 15, 2007


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The local press have already reported that the Dog Catching Competition has been scrapped by the MPS, following a meeting with the SPCA, ROAR, MARPO, PETPOSITIVE and CALM - the unofficial Coalition of Animal Lovers. All parties with the exception of the SPCA walked out of the meeting as MPS officials behaved with great animosity towards all of us.

However, in spite of promising the SPCA that the competition would be halted immediately, we have noted that as at 7pm today, 15th September 2007, MPS's website still indicates that the Dog Catching Competition is on and will be on-going. In fact the Dog Catching Competition is highlighted in two places on the website as can be seen below.

The meeting was scrapped by noon yesterday, 14th September 2007. So there was more than enough time for them to update their website, particularly as it it supposed to be the source of information for the residents of Selayang.

This is why, ROAR, PETPOSITIVE, MARPO and CALM walked out of the meeting yesterday. We had wanted for the competition to be stopped with immediate effect and for all information regarding the competition to be retracted before progressing with the meeting. When a vet from the floor asked the Chairman if the competition would be suspended with immediate effect, even if temporarily, before the meeting progressed, the Chairman Datuk Tang See Hang had given a very firm no. With this refusal from the council and the with the hostile manner in which we were treated by all council members, we left the meeting.

I personally would like to question the integrity of the Chairman Datuk Tang See Hang and the YDP of the MPS. If they were sincere in scrapping the dog catching competition they should have taken pro-active measures to remove all posters and advertisements from the Selayang area (if any) and from their website. From their lackadaisical attitude towards this issue, one can only surmise that the Council and its members are not at all concerned about this issue.

I would like to call upon the members of the public to please let me know if there are any other forms of advertisement on this issue, e.g. posters, or memos to resident committees that have not been removed. Because this means that the poor dogs are still in danger!


Amber-Mae said...

Huh???? They still don't want to give up do they altho they say that they have stopped it... I don't know what else to say anymore.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

It sounds like they will tell you what they think will get you to go away but they will do what they want after you leave. We hope you get this awful "competition" shut down forever.

Cindy said...

I read a very different story regarding what happened during the meeting with MPS in The Star last Saturday:

It said that you guys were demanding stuffs and they had to calm you guys down, which I think is totally untrue.

But people are gonna ask - what really did happen that day? Whose telling the truth?

Of course I'm more inclined to believe you guys, 'cos you have pictures to back up your story.

Natasha Fernz said...

Hey Amber...

Can you believe that the ad is still up as at today 17th Sept at 7pm??? The competition was called off on Friday at noon!!!

Roxie & Co, Thanks for stopping by... means alot to us...


I have tried to be as objective as I possibly could in my writings. If I wanted to be biased there were loads more things I could have included in the article about what really happened...

Thanks for your support though...

Cleo & Natasha

Cindy said...

Hey Natasha,

Understand your situation about being unbiased/objective. I never doubted your coverage of what took place. Was just really shocked that The Star would report it so differently from what really happened, which makes me wonder whether that particular writer/reporter was actually present at the meeting.

The Star used to be my main source of 'trustworthy' news, but now I'm not so sure...