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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Dear all,

As part of my mission, I have written to three pet product manufacturers in the past week to find out if they subscribe to the cruelty free ethos. The companies that I have written to so far are:

And I am pleased to let you guys know that Addiction has CONFIRMED that they NEVER use lab animals and that the welfare of the animals come first.

The other two have yet to respond, so I am not sure what this means. For BilJac it could just be a case that they have not got adequate number of staff to reply to queries that they get on a regular basis. According to my vet, BilJac does not have a lab for testing purposes. But of course we don't know if they send their products elswhere to be tested.

I am really hoping that BilJac will come back with good news to me. The reason for this is because I have just purchased Lamaderm which is Cruelty Free for my dogs, and I am sad to say that they aren't terribly excited about it. I actually tasted it myself and it tastes so bland and it doesn't even smell very nice. I then tried BilJac again and it was actually quite yummy - similar to Chicken in Biscuit minus the salt.

So fingers crossed I'll hear some good news from the other two companies soon. And I'll try to write to 2 or 3 companies per week... Wish me luck!

1 comment:

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i wonder how experiment can be done without using lab animals???