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Friday, April 13, 2007


I had some spare time today in between my meetings, and as I was at The Curve, I decided to wander over to Ikano to Pet Safari. Some of you who have been readers of my previous blog would know that I personally do not shop at Pet Safari, as I believe that they are unethical in how they treat the animals that they have in their store.

The reason I decided to go to Pet Safari was obviously due to my mission! Pet Safari, is I believe, the largest pet store with the largest selection of pet products in the country.

In the hour that I spent in Pet Safari, I am sad to say that I did not find very many items there that were cruelty free.

I spent about a half hour reading as many labels as I can on dry food for dogs, and did not find a single dry food within Pet Safari that stated that it was manufactured ethically or that it was cruelty free.

I spent the second half hour, turning over bottles of shampoo to check their labels, and only found 3 cruelty free shampoos - out of perhaps 30 0r so bottles that I managed to check.

These are:
Earth Bath

Bark 2 Basics

As you can imagine I was quite disheartened when I left the store as I only managed to find 3 items in the store that was cruelty free after a whole hour

Anyway, I am also pleased to say that Oxyfresh (Oxygene) is also a manufacturer that does not test on animals. Oxygene produces a range of products for pets, and this includes Oxyfresh Anti-Oxidants (Cleo and Lucky are on this). Some of the products by Oxygene are available in selected pet stores.

So here's hoping that you find this information helpful, and once again I would appreciate feedback from everyone to help stop animal testing.


Furkids in Hong Kong said...

I checked out the shop I frequent to see if there were many/any products that were cruelty free. I'm sad to say that here too, a minimal amount of products sold there met that criteria... :C

Cleopatra said...

Hi Pete

Yes is is quite depressing that there aren't many options with reference to cruelty free products.

I guess we all just have to try a bit harder...

Cleo has already made the switch to Earth Bath shampoo and will gradually be switching to Lamaderm food.