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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Most readers of my blog would know that I currently feed my kids raw food. I made the switch almost a year ago now when Cleo was diagnosed with a severely enlarged heart. There didn't seem to be anything that I could do to improve her condition from a medical point of view. The only thing that kept cropping up when I was researching her condition was diet and supplements. And I am glad to report that a year on, she is doing really quite well.

One of the first things that I did when I made the decision to switch from kibble to raw was to actually give away the kibble that I still had. It was a newly opened super premium brand mind you. I gave it away so that I couldn't cave in and feed the kids kibble in the event that they decided not to eat the raw food. Now that was almost a year ago...

A couple of weeks ago, I was cleaning out the little store room under my stair case when I saw two small, round pellets on the floor. I groaned rather loudly as I thought that I had rats or something in the house. But upon closer inspection I discovered that it was not rat droppings but kibble!!!

The two rogue pieces of kibble
I was quite horrified because the kibble looked "normal", i.e. as if it was just taken out of the bag... There was no sign of decomposition or degradation of any sort! This kibble was completely well preserved and it had been lying there on the floor for at least a year, if not more - depending on when that kibble actually fell out!

This really further impressed upon me that kibble is really just full of chemicals and preservatives, and we should really stop feeding our kids kibble!

I will try to write a more comprehensive post on the evil that is kibble later on. But I just hope that this will help those of you who are still feeding your kids kibble to ditch it asap! Even if you can't bring yourself to feed your kids raw, stop feeding them kibble or any processed food really!

After years of being brainwashed by everyone into thinking that kibble was the perfect food for my kids, I have come to realise that what my aged uncle was feeding his dogs - human food, i.e. whatever my uncle ate, his dogs ate - was a million times better than kibble. I know for certain now that I will never ever feed my kids kibble again!

To further impress upon everyone the importance of ditching kibble, I am conducting a mini experiment: I have put the two pellets of kibble in a small, open, plastic container. I have dated it today (16/01/13) and put it back into the store room. I will check on it in 6 months time and let you know if they are still there...

UPDATE 07/12/13 The two pieces of kibble are still perfectly intact!

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