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Sunday, September 11, 2011


While walking Cleo & Lucky this morning, they suddenly took a great interest in a bush. Usually, I let them sniff for a while and then carry on walking and they would ordinarily leave it, even if there was a cat or squirrel lurking about.

But today they just refused to leave and tried to burrow into the bush. As they are both pretty big dogs it took me a while to get them away, and then I saw this poor little puppy hiding under the bush...

I just could not bring myself to leave her there, and so she came home with us... 

Bones at the vet
Bones sleeping after a hot bath in a Thundershirt and hot water bottle to keep her warm
We have decided to call her Bones as she is literally skin and bones and had a huge maggot wound on her jaw (about 20 maggots were removed!). She has been to the vet and her body temperature is very low. Am keeping her warm with a Thundershirt and also a hot water bottle wrapped in a fluffy rug... 

She is severely malnourised and dehydrated. She weighs a mere 2.5 kgs... Am feeding her small meals every 3 hours. We have to also force her to drink cause she just doesn't seem to have any energy. 

The next few days are critical and we can only hope that she will make it through...

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