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With Sarah Fisher and the TTouch Team at Tilley Farm, Bath; UK
I started using the Thundershirt on all my kids in mid 2010 after it was  recommended to me by top UK dog trainer - Sarah Fisher. I was skeptical  at first, but after using it and achieving amazing results, particularly  with Lucky - my most difficult dog, I am now a true believer that

the Thundershirt is indeed the best solution for dog anxiety

As such I have decided to bring in small shipments of Thundershirts to Malaysia periodically to help all dogs (and their owners) who suffer from anxiety or stress.

Price: RM148 (including delivery within Peninsular Malaysia)
Sizes Available: XS, S, M, L & XL
(XXS & XXL will only be brought in by special order at RM168)
Colour: Heather Grey

Size     Chest Size            Weight
          <10 lbs.    
          10-18 lbs.
S      16"-23"           15-25 lbs.
M      18"-26"           20-50 lbs.
L      24"-32"           40-70 lbs.

XL            31"-40"           60-100lbs.
XXL         38"-50"            >100 lbs.

Please email me at to place your order.

* Please note that does NOT currently ship to Malaysia.
**The 45 day money back guarantee does not apply in Malaysia
**For more information, please visit Thunderdogs Malaysia

Here are some pictures of my kids in their Thundershirts!

~Rascal - looking absolutely handsome!
Rascal & Belle chilling with their Thundershirts
Belle and Rascal goofing around in their Thundershirts

Lucky - having a walkabout in our garden after just a few days in the Thundershirt! Prior to this, he has NEVER set foot outside the house cause he was just too scared!
Lucky - enjoying the outdoors
Lucky - actually smiling while being outside!
Lucky inspecting our new shipment of Thundershirts
Cleo and Lucky in their "Rugby" Thundershirts...  will consider bringing these in if the response is good as they are more expensive...