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Saturday, October 06, 2007


Please call Pound Supervisor En Zainal Kamal at these numbers
Pound: 03 6136 6016
Mobile: 019 204 4145

Rascal and Mishka relaxing in front of my house

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Strays, dogs and cats alike, have received alot of flak from the public over the years. Strays have been cited to be a nuisance and are even categorised as pests by the local councils...

Are strays really that bad? While I love animals, I believe that the stray population needs to be curbed and if possible eliminated, albeit in a humane fashion. My belief stems from the fact that these strays are often mistreated by people and it pains me to have to see strays rummaging for food in garbage bins and desperately seeking shelter from the harsh elements on a daily basis.

However, I have a few stray kids on my street and I sincerely believe that my strays are alot better behaved than most owned pedigreed dogs and cats. In total I have 2 stray dogs at the moment and 4 stray cats, in addition to my own 2 furkids.

They come for their meals twice a day and are extremely well behaved. 3 of the cats are camera shy so it has been quite hard to get pictures of them. I am trying to gain their trust so that I can "capture" them in a friendly manner, spay/neuter them and rehome them if possible.

Mishka & Rascal having dinner together...

Believe it or not, my stray dogs and cats get along perfectly well. They do not fight and can eat peacefully side by side. After their meals they usually relax in front of my house for awhile and sometimes even engage in friendly games of tag!

Mishka the cat is usually the hunter while Rascal the dog is the prey! Sasha, the dog usually minds her own business and looks on with disdain at the two boys at play...

Mishka is incredibly friendly and now lives in my porch. He will be neutered soon and will make a great pet even in a household with dogs as he is perfectly comfortable with dogs.

Rascal is becoming very friendly, and I am hoping to be able to get him into my car without resistance soon, so that he can be checked by the vet, and subsequently neutered.

Sasha is still very cautious. I suspect that she must have been mistreated before. But fingers crossed, she will trust me soon...

So folks, strays aren't that bad. Their bad behaviour is usually due to hunger and fear of humans... so give them a chance... Adopt a Stray if you can...


zephyros said...

haha nice. i got a new puppy here at my work place too. seems rather shy with humans but tags well along with the current dogs that live around the parking lot. Also two cats seemed to have found refuge here. gotta get some pics too.
I've got the same games going on here, cat chases the dogs too ^_^;

puppy tried to play with the cat while she was eating and didn't turn out too tell for the puppy. the cat press her paws on him and pressed him on kept him at bay on the ground till she finished LOL They live really well together, especially on rainy days, you can see all of them all cuddled up together in the basement.

I usually get a really "loud" welcome when i come to work from the cat. she can MEOW :D

K said...

I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I am enraged and appalled by the way animals are treated or mistreated rather in our country. Great job on giving us the inside details of whats going on in parts of our ridiculously ignorant community.

Natasha Fernz said...

Hey there Zephyros

It's funny to see that cats bullying the dogs...:)

Thanks for stopping by... it is disgusting how our society treats animals! Please help spread the word...


zephyros said...

ok ok finally got them in. here are some pictures

See how they can be so friendly with each other?

Even while eating they do not disturb or fight for food.

Here's another who followed me when I went to get the food

New addition to the pack. No idea where this one came from. It just wandered into the parking lot and got attached to the brown male dog.

here's where they hide during the afternoons so they won't miss out on food.