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Saturday, October 20, 2007


Hi everyone,

I have been a little quiet for the past week as I have been overloaded with work. But I felt an absolute urgency to post this due to a very distressing email I received. Someone had written to me in desperation as they had received a warning from a Jabatan saying that they had to get rid of one of their dogs or face confiscation. This person has 2 dogs and lives on a landed property and is well within the legal allowance on the number of dogs as far as I know.

I have found this piece of informtion from MPAJ, and it clearly states that you are allowed to have not more than 2 dogs in premises below 1000sq m, and for premises above 1000sq m, the number of dogs allowed is subject to negotiations with MPAJ.

I understand that most councils within the country operate on similar by-laws... So dog owners, know your rights!!! Check with your local council and make them show you the official by-laws before being pressured by them.

Am attaching links to MPAJ for the time being...

MPAJ - Flier Page 01
MPAJ - Flier Page 02

However, also please note that most councils also clearly state that dogs MUST be licensed and the metal license tags must be worn by dogs at all times. And free roaming dogs will be caught by the dog catchers regardless of whether or not they are licensed! So for heaven's sake people, keep your dogS safe!!! Keep them indoors!!!

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Amber-Mae said...

Ooops! I think my hoomans can of like broke the law... There are three of us here in an Intermediate house. But as long if we keep quite & keep low, there's no reason for anyone to complain about us.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer