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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Extracted from The National Anti-Vivisection Society

Animals in Product Testing
Who Is and Who Isn't Testing on Animals

Determining whether a company or product is or is not tested on animals is easy!
NAVS has created this simple process to help you make decisions on what products to purchase. By adopting a cruelty free lifestyle, one that chooses respect for animals when selecting products, you are sending a powerful message to companies that you won't support an industry that perpetuates animal suffering.
Click on the link below and simply type in the name of the company or product in the search bar and press Search.


Furkids in Hong Kong said...

That is a very useful link. Thanks for sharing it with us!

On a side note. If it's not too much trouble, could you visit our doggie friend, Casper D Dog and send him and his human your well-wishes? Casper has gone into relapse and would very much like our support at a time like this.


Cleopatra said...

Hi Pete

It's an okay link... wish it was more comprehensive though.

Am actually really stressed about this whole animal testing nonsense in relation to pet food. Must really start cooking 100% for cleo and Lucky. Though I'll have to do it gradually to make sure they don't get ill from a sudden change.

Also hope Casper gets well soon. Am rather surprised to learn that dogs can suffer from Evans disease too...

Have a friend who has this condition though here they just refer to it as auto-immune disease...


Katherine and Pippa said...

You are really courageous and thoughtful to put this sort of information up. We haven't read all your stuff but will have another look tomorrow. In the meantime, sleep tight. Pipps.

Katherine and Pippa said...

We use to use Green Ark in the UK ( I think that was the one ). It was organic and vegan and our dogs used to howl for it. It was expensive - but it went down soooo well. Don't know if it is still going.

We also used Wafcol vegetarian, which was another totally balanced product, but I don't think the company was quite so ethical and I can't find enough info on a quick search.

Here in Spain, we use Nagsa (Trouw nutrition). I can't find anything about that. Being Spanish it prob'ly isn't cool.

Do you have Vegetarian Dogs? by Veronica re-Bow and Jonathan Dune. I guess you already have peta fact sheet (14 in 2001 - !!) and info from uncaged campaigns?

Catch you later and keep in touch. Pipps and Kate