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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I have just purchased a bag of Addiction Wild Kangaroo and Apples for my Cleo and Lucky. I am really quite serious about trying to Choose Cruelty Free as far as possible.

I have yet to start them on the Addiction food as they still have a bit of Lamaderm to go. Unfortunately they didn't really like Lamaderm. I am hoping that they will like Addiction as it is actually very expensive. It's double the price of most premium dog foods. So fingers crossed they will like it and more importantly, that they will be healthier on this.

Some reading material on Addiction:

Why Kangaroo meat?

Features of Addiction Dog food...

Earth Friendly Addiction...


Pacco de Mongrel said...

oh poor thing..

last time, juz chicken n cow got slaugther for dog food...

then it extend to lamb....n now finally kangaroo...

mayb next time, is d whale's turn...

Cleopatra said...

Hey Amanda

Just to let you in on a secret... Kangaroos are considered "pests!" in Australia... and the good part about this is that the kangaroos are not tortured or kept in confined spaces for the sole purpose of producing dog food...


Freda said...

Hi Cleos,

Thanks for sniffin' around my place agains. Hope you and Luckys like your new food. That's great your human is tryin' to go Earth Friendlys and Crueltys Free as much as possible. The big companies make it hards to do that.

My secretary has started to read The Omnivore's Dilemma. BOOOoooo, big companies!!

Thanks for the links to Addiction.

We gotta sticks together to save our EARTHS!



Katherine and Pippa said...

Hi Cleo

I've not tried Addiction. When mistress was in the UK she was able to source lots of things cruelty-free - but now it is a bit more difficult here in Spain. At least if she uses a local product that doesn't involve bits of ground-up animal hooves or whatever she feels it is a better choice for all of us.

See you later, ruffs. Pipps