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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Just discovered that my article on Lucky was published in the Malay Mail in the week that I was in Dubai. The same article is also archived in the Department of Veterinary Services of Perak's website. Some of my other articles are also archived in this site.
Today's post is dedicated to Lucky, my 6 month old mongrel, as he literally saved my life and my house!

I fed both Lucky and Cleo at the usual time this morning, and then left Lucky in his room while I went to eat my breakfast in my living room. Lucky is always kept in his room for about 30 minutes to an hour after his meals to prevent him from prancing about with Cleo and throwing up everything that he has eaten. Cleo was playing outside in the garden by herself.

My breakfast usually consists of cereal or a yoghurt drink. But today, my mother who was at my house, decided to cook me some breakfast. After she had deposited my breakfast plate with me, she left for an appointment. I ate my food, but was incredibly annoyed with Lucky who was barking his head off. I kept telling him to be quiet from where I was sitting - in the living room his room is at the back in the kitchen). But he refused to keep quiet. He just kept barking and barking (and really loudly too). After 20 minutes I just could not take it anymore, and got up to give him a bit of scolding. As soon as I entered the kitchen I realised that my mother had accidentally left the fire on, and the frying pan was smouldering! It was burning!

I quickly turned the fire off, and opened the windows to let the smoke out. Lucky stopped barking as soon as the smoke cleared. If it weren't for Lucky, my house would have caught fire and I could have lost my life.

There was no way that I would have known that there was something burning in the kitchen till it was too late, as my house is quite large and well ventilated. The smoke from the kitchen could not be smelt from the living room. Both Cleo (who was in the garden) and I had no idea that the pan was on smouldering from where we were!

Who would have thought that the little mogrel mutt that I rescued 4 months ago would be the one to alert me of danger? And he's only a puppy! Many have said that Lucky was really lucky to have found a rescuer like me who has given him a safe environment to live in, lots of love and affection. But today, I would like to tell everyone, that I am really lucky to have found Lucky, as I may not be here typing this if it weren't for him!

Thank you Lucky for being such a star!

On another note, this incident has once again further reinforced my argument that dogs should be kept indoors. Because Lucky was indoors, he could alert me that the frying pan was burning. If he was outdoors, he would not have realised this till it was too late!

So folks, bring your dogs indoors... it can make a difference, it can save your life!


Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Big licks and hugs to you Lucky for being so dutiful!

This is just one, of many good things that will happen to you for all the good that you have done.

Keep up the good work and hugs to all of you!

Very very good to know you are all safe.

The Zoo Crew said...

Yeah for Lucky!!!! You are dogs NEED to be in the house:)

Kai and the gang

Sophie Brador said...

It sounds like your the lucky one for having such a great dog! And he's darn cute too.

snow said...

Lucky really saved your life! This is one great testimonial. I hated it when relatives/families come to my house and started commenting that I should not allow my dear furkid Snow running around indoor. I do believe that they deserve to be allowed indoors just like any of us humans! And Lucky really saved your life -and the big house of course!

Snow is having her spay surgery tomorrow. Do pray for her..

Cleopatra said...

Hi Pete,

Yes Lucky has had alot of cuddles, treats etc for being such a good dog!

And The Zoo Crew, thanks for stopping by. And all dogs should be indoors! I really believe that. Tried to visit your blog but it was for invited readers only... shrug
Sophie Brador,

Thanks for the note. he is very cute isn't he? You're a pretty girl yourself.

Snow, Don't worry about the spaying. You've made the right decision and it won't hurt her...