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Friday, March 02, 2007


Hi everyone,

I have been trying to write in to the papers on a regular basis on animal welfare and animal rights etc. Angeline has just pointed out that my article on Hoppy has been published in the Malay Mail today, just after Angeline's article was published yesterday.

There was also a very good article by Mr Veera of The Star itself yesterday.

And Shoba of the Remember Sheena Campaign also has an article out in The Star today.

Hopefully we can help make a difference for all our furry friends - regardless of their breed, for

Love Knows No Pedigree...


Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Wow, I was quite shocked to see those articles - in particular Sheena's rescue. How could this happen in a theme park?? What type of visitors would appreciate anything like that? :c

Keep up the good work on educating more people to love life!

Cleopatra said...

Hi Pete

Yes it is shocking! I can't believe it myself. Unfortunately people here do not quite view animals as creatures that need to be loved and looked after. To them, it's just a dog, or it's just a cat...

I always get strange looks when I say I have to go home to feed my dog, or they'll tell me, or your dog can wait... and my reply will always be "would you let your child wait and go hungry while you're out partying? I don't think so, so why should I let my dog go dogs always come first". They don't understand it I guess...