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Thursday, March 01, 2007


Hello everyone,

As I have mentioned before, everyone can help make a difference for our furry friends either by actively participating in rescue & adoption work or just writing from your desk.

Angeline Chin in an animal activist and today one of her letters has been highlighted in the Malay Mail.

I have also extracted her letter and posted it here for all of you...



Dear Editor,
NOT too long ago, the media highlighted the story of Joy, the dog that was saved from a group of construction workers who abused it severely because they viewed the animal as haram. Because of the abuse, Joy lost her jaw, preventing her from eating or drinking.Joy must have been suffering in silence, begging for someone to save her.
No religion allows abuse of other living beings, as they too are God’s creatures.Why is it so difficult for someone to accept that animals have feelings too? The fact is, Joy’s was not the only case that had been reported.
There are many abuse cases not highlighted in the media.What are the authorities doing about this? Sweep it under the carpet? What is the rationale of having the Animal Ordinance Act if not to protect animals? People who promote animal rights are often laughed at, ignored and misunderstood.Our objective is to inculcate compassion in society.There are people who walk away when we seek their support.Is this the ’caring society’ that we so proudly talk of? How can we call ourselves a caring society when we ignore issues like this? To inculcate compassion, we must educate people.
The question is, do we care about the rights of animals? As a representative of animal lovers, I beg the Government to revise the existing provisions in the Animal Ordinance Act 1953 (RM200 fine and/or six months jail) to at least RM2,000 fine and/or eight months jail plus a compulsory community service for three months.
Our laws are too lenient compared to developed countries.Only by enforcing the law will people think twice before hurting a defenseless animal.Numerous suggestions have been conveyed to the Government through the media, but the qestion is: Is the Government doing something about it? Why do we encourage this tidak apa attitude ?
I beg the Government help protect our animals, be it domestic pets or wild animals.Please revise the penalties in the Animal Ordinance Act 1953 and educate the public to be caring towards animals.Angeline S.Chin Kuala Lumpur


Furkids in Hong Kong said...

The penalties for animal cruelty were also too lenient here in Hong Kong up till only December 2006, when the fines were raised from the initial HK$5000 (RM2300) and/or up to 6 months imprisonment to the present HK$200,000 (RM91,000) and/or up to 3 years imprisonment.

Whatever the penalty is wherever, lets hope that these terrible people cease to exist and nothing similar happens again.

Wishful thinking I know, but we've got to fight for it!

Good work for posting this up and letting more people know.

Have a nice weekend!

Cleopatra said...

Hi Pete and co,

Wow!!! That's excellent that the rules have been reviewed in HK...

We're trying to work towards that here in malaysia cause currently the fines and penalties are just ridiculously stupid. It won't deter anyone at all...

Have a good weekend too...