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Friday, December 08, 2006


Last month, I put up a post pleading with everyone to sign the petition against the killing of Mr. Eng's 13 dogs. While the number of signatures has increased, the petition is still short of a few more. The petition currently has 1990 signatures, and the targeted number of signatures is 2000. Please help make a difference. It will only take a few minutes of your time.
You can sign the petition at

Featured Voices for Those Who Have None (Last Updated-November 29, 2006):

1,635 When I was in Penang, the local council there (MPSP) used to come to our neighborhood looking for stray dogs. The way the dogs ran away in fright, and the cruel way they were caught and eventually shot (not necessarily to death) is still very painful for me. I am amazed at how all the municipal councils share the same attitude towards animals. They are consistent in their disrespect of animal rights and life. Naomi (pic) is a victim of their cruelty. She was cruelly murdered early this year by another municipal council. Someone should put a stop to this and the only one who can is you, Mr. Prime Minister. Please make Malaysia a more caring society.

Raihana Souket

522 I represent the Remembering Sheena Campaign which began after a German Shepherd was kept starving by her owner. The newspapers reported that the Dept of Veterinary Services did not attend to the repeated telephone calls reporting Sheena's abuse and then the court let the owner of Sheena free with only a RM100 even though the law provides for a jail sentence. Now with the 13 dogs shot by the authorities it shows a total lack of compassion and humanity in Malaysian authorities in dealing with animals. Let the people not look the other way. What profits a Man when he gains the whole world and loses his soul.

Shoba Mano, Malaysia

1,795 Malaysians are unfortunately not the best when it comes to animal welfare. This incident is not an isolated one as there have been several other incidences where animals have been cruelly abused and/or killed. I am pleading to everyone to help make a change for the animals in Malaysia. They are beings with feelings too... Help make a difference. People who abuse animals should face harsher and stiffer punishment. A fine is just like a slap on the wrist. I think a suitable jail term should be imposed.

Natasha Fernz

1,771 Lots of animal abuse and cruelty by government bodies. Prime Minister, hold those responsible accountable even if its old news and amend the laws in Malaysia in regards to animal rights. We should not point our fingers elsewhere like we always do when it comes to matters like this as this will not bring us to the developed status we crave for. After all, even a starving African nation can build buildings to reach the sky... material wealth is no wealth at allCarmel TanMalaysia1,602I can't imagine any Court could APPROVE the public shooting of dogs... they could have at least be humanely put to sleep... have these officers no heart??

Beatrice Wang

1,757 It is disgusting to see how some animals are treated here in Malaysia. Their actions which reflects their low mentality is a serious embarrassment to the rest of us. And I'm not just talking about this killing of 13 dogs; pets being dumped after the initial excitement is gone, children tormenting animals while their parents just laughed it off, adults mistreating animals when even the cheapest furniture in the house gets better treatment. How are we as a nation be advanced, when there are people around who act just like barbarians?

Jessie C.

1,668 Dear Mr. Prime Minister, in this day and age, when you so often talk about "civilizational understanding" and Islam Hadhari, it is shocking to note that voiceless creatures in the animal kingdom, specifically dogs, are slaughtered in cold blood by the Death Squads operating in our local councils. Aren't dogs too created by the Almighty God? Do you not believe this? Please put a stop to killings that make Malaysians look like barbaric people. Show the world that we are "civilized". Stop the killing of our animals. Show some humanity!!

Joshua G. Purushotman

710 I am appalled by the shooting. In a country that preaches living a life of good by example of Prophet Muhammad, this is what happens? Dogs are God's creatures as well, if not HE would not have made them. I wonder... had they been cats, would the authorities have shot them mercilessly like that?

Zehan Marissa

1,313 Apa salah haiwan-haiwan tu? Bukankah dalam hadith riwayat muslim dan bukhari menjelaskan yang Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. bersabda, "sesiapa yg mengasihani makhluk-makhluk Allah, maka ia juga menyayangi diri mereka"? Jadi fahamilah maksud sabda tersebut...

Nurazhar Mohamad

1,305 "He, who does a good deed to an animal, is equal to doing a good deed to a human being, and he who does an evil deed to an animal, is equal to doing an evil deed to a human being." - Nabi Muhammad SAW. "He who is kind to the creatures of Allah is kind to himself." - Nabi Muhammad SAW.

Mark Harris Zuknik

1735 Kejam! Kejam! Adahkah ini sama macam tindakan ganas rejim yahudi?? Buat apa kita mengutuk negara lain?? Ini kerajaan lakukan tindakan ganas terhadap haiwan yg tidak bersalah. KEJAM! KEJAM! Memalukan bila lihat pemerintah kita sekarang!!

Salleh Wan Ismail

1719 It's sad that in a lot of Asian countries dogs and other animals are seen as a minority, they aren’t acknowledged as living breathing beings, just a meal or a thing of entertainment. Whatever happened to dogs being “Mans best friend”? Disposition of dogs in this manner is sick and inhumane and I hope the Malaysian Municipal Council sees its errors and changes its ways.

Sully Al-Eidan
Saudi Arabia

467 The Malaysian people and government should show their humanity by denouncing this cruelty to animals.

James H. Fitch
United States

1,835 This is not a good reflection of the people in Malaysia. Not a good thing for the tourism industry when this is known worldwide.

ML Cheah
United States

303 This is disgusting, wrong, cruel, and shameful. Don't let it happen again. Don't take the lives of innocent creatures. Doing so only reflects on how little you respect ANY life, be it human or animal. Listen to the voices of all the people who have signed this petition, from all around the world, and rethink your cruel behavior. Make a change, and never let it happen again.

Elizabeth Emerson
United States

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