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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I know this news is perhaps a bit old to many of you, but I have just come across this petition, and would really appreciate it if you guys could take just 5 minutes of your time to help make a difference for animal welfare in Malaysia.


Sign the Petition If You Are Outraged By The Murder Of Mr Eng's 13 Dogs By the Seremban Municipal Council, in Malaysia

Nick Josh Karean and his team have put up a Petition opposing the murder of Mr Eng Her Sun's dogs by the Seremban Municipal Council. This Petition will be sent to the Prime Minister.The Remember Sheena Campaign (RSC) will not explain who Mr Eng is as everyone in Malaysia knows about this poor man who had his dogs cruelly gunned down before his eyes.

If for some reason you haven't heard, go to the link to sign the Petition.

RSC calls upon all Malaysians to sign the Petition. Please click on link above to read more and sign. For those of you who still believe Mr Eng was an animal hoarder who should not be supported, think carefully first about the options anyone who loves animals have in helping a suffering animal in Malaysia.

In Malaysia the laws don't protect animals. The government bodies that have the authority to act like the Department of Veterinary Services, the local councils and for wildlife, the Department of Wildlife and National Parks are hopeless in protecting them and in many cases are themselves guilty of abuse.

It is the Department of Veterinary Services that is supposed to prosecute the Seremban Municipal Council for animal abuse when their officers massacred Mr Eng's dogs. Instead the Bar Council and independent lawyers who have compassion for animals are doing so.Few NGOs are sincere enough to speak up for these animals. Some are afraid to speak up for fear it will hurt their working relationship with these bodies named above.

In a country where the government doesn't protect animals, the shelters are putting them down and pet shops and breeders motivated by MONEY are given a free hand to breed more animals for people to dump on the streets and abuse, can you blame Mr Eng for doing what he could to help strays? Only those of you out there who have tried to help strays or rescued pets from abuse in Malaysia will understand what RSC is saying here.

So now will you sign the Petition?

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