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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Monday, November 20, 2006


Patches (female dog), missing since 19 Nov 2006 from Taman Bertek, Teluk Pulai, Klang
If found, please contact owner, Theresa at 03-33747027 or mobile 016 9186137


Hi everyone,

There are quite a few pets (dogs, puppies, cats and kittens) that are up for adoption. Here are pictures of some of them. For more pictures please visit Rescue 2 Rehome. Alternatively if you know of anyone who would be interested in adopting a pet, please use the email link at the bottom of this post to send this message to them. Your help is deeply appreciated.

Please help give these darlings a loving home...

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Hi everyone,

I know this isn't quite about animal welfare, but I received a note from Help the Aged today, and I felt that I should put up a post about this organisation.

I first heard about this organisation back in 1996, when I first arrived in Cambridge University to start my degree. It was then known as Adopt a Granny. Although I was just a first year university student who didn't have too much money, I decided that I would put aside GBP12 a month for this charitable organisation. The reason for my decision at the time was because I felt that I had to give something back to the world as I realised that I was so much luckier than alot of other people. You see I had received a full scholarship from Sime Darby Berhad to further my education in the UK after completing my A-Levels. And without this I would never have been able to obtain my tertiary education as we just could not afford it.

It has been 10 years since I have started contributing to this organisation. I haven't heard much from the organisation as I never got round to updating my address with them after I returned to Malaysia. However I knew that they were still helping millions of aged persons around the world as my UK Bank Account Statements continued to indicate that my standing order with the organisation was still active.

I recently found the time to update my address with the organisation, now known as Help the Aged and have been receiving regular updates on the organisations activities since. This year they have a new scheme for Christmas which I thought was a brilliant one. It's called Cows 'N' Things.

Basically the scheme is simple: whereby instead of buying gifts that may not be wanted for your loved ones, you can buy a gift for an aged person.

I am sure every year each and everyone of you rack your brains trying to find the perfect gift, usually spending tons of money, for a loved one or a friend. And more often than not, the gift would not be one that's of any use to that person. (I am also sure alot of us have also received gifts from people that we just chuck into the closet to be forgotten).

So this year, instead of buying something that may not be appreciated, why not spend your money at Cows 'N' Things and purchase a gift in the name of your loved one or friend. From as little as GBP5, you can purchase a gift for the needy, and in return you will receive a Christmas card from the organisation to send to whoever you were buying the gift for, explaining what a great present you've bought them. If you prefer, an electronic Christmas card can also be provided for you to send out.

You can make a difference. Every little bit counts! Please Help the Aged!


Here's a quick note from the organisation:

Why Cows 'n' Things?

Cows 'n' Things is an online gift shop produced by Help the Aged, an international charity fighting to free disadvantaged older people from poverty, isolation and neglect.

100 million older people in developing countries survive on less than fifty pence a day making them among the world's most vulnerable citizens. When disasters strike they are usually at the bottom of priority lists and international aid organisations do not always know how best to meet their needs.

Yet it is older people who make a positive and invaluable contribution to keeping families together when communities are depleted by war, HIV/AIDS, famine or drought.

The international work of Help the Aged is unique. We are committed to providing help and support for older people wherever it is needed. Cows 'n' Things sells 'virtual' gifts that raise money to fund these development projects. See some of the older people we've helped.

Every time you buy a gift from Cows 'n' Things not only do you make a friend or family member happy, but you also make a real contribution to improving the lives of disadvantaged older people around the world.

How it works

Christmas is the time of year when our thoughts turn to giving. Cows 'n' Things is a website designed to offer everybody a chance to purchase a gift that could make a real difference to the life of a disadvantaged older person.

Cows 'n' Things lets you use the money you would have spent on friends or family to help older people in a developing country while making your family and friends feel good, too.

After deciding on an amount that you would like to give, you can scroll through the gifts on offer by using the 'browse gifts' buttons and then select individual items by clicking the 'add to basket' button.

You can buy just one gift or as many as you like. It's that simple.

When you're done, click 'go to checkout'. You will then be asked to fill in your address and payment details.

You will then have the chance to request that we send you a Cows 'n' Things card by post so that you can surprise the person the gift is for. You will also have the opportunity to send an email from Cows 'n' Things telling them about their gift. It's your choice, you can do one or both; all we ask is that you choose to help us make a difference.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mad About Labrador Retrievers: ANIMAL WELFARE : WHO CARES? I DO



Animal Welfare : Who cares? I do... Do you?

Don't you think that it's interesting that most people shy away from charity work, or from passing on information that actually has a cause?

Many people just can't seem to comprehend why I care for animals so much. I can't really explain it myself - I just do. And unfortunately alot of people I know also seem to believe that I should expect returns for some of the things I do. And they are also surprised when I tell them that I don't really care for financial/material gain from being kind to animals.

For example, when I rescued Babe, I looked after her as if she were my own dog. She was washed and cleaned, and taken to the vet etc. She slept in the house. And when she was re-united with her owner, one of the first questions that I go from a lot of people, so how much was the reward? This was because Su (Babe's owner) had put out an ad in the papers with a reward offer for Babe's return. And when I tell them that I don't know cause I didn't take the money but asked for it to be given to the SPCA, they were shocked and some even thought I was stupid. Was I? I don't think so... I think I was rewarded enough when I saw Babe so happy to be reunited with Su.

I guess I have always known that Malaysians are not the best when it comes to charity. I understand that not everyone can afford to be charitable. Frankly, even I am not half as charitable as I would like to be, simply because I cannot afford it just yet. However, I do believe that if you can't help financially there are many other ways in which a person can contribute towards a good cause.

There are simpler ways for contributing towards animal welfare - such as forwarding an email that has an important message. This however seems to be very difficult for many to do, although it hardly cost a penny. My most recent encounter with this was when I forwarded my last email regarding the petition for Mr Eng's 13 dogs that were murdered. Not many people passed the message along.

Some people have had the nerve to tell me that they deleted the message because they didn't think anyone they knew would be interested. I constantly have to bite my tongue to stop myself from lashing out at them, cause these are the very same people that clutter my inbox with useless junk and chain emails that have ZERO value. Plus they usually come with some stupid threat of misfortune if I in return didn't pass it on to a gazillion people. Strange don't you think?

Well I think most people only care about themselves. Why do they pass on stupid emails like that? It's because there is a threat that something bad would happen to them. And while it may be superstitious to think so, why take the risk?

My emails on the other hand (usually for lost and missing dogs) don't have such threats... so I guess the logic is that there's no need to do anything about them cause there won't be any remote possibility of something bad happening if they don't pass it along.

So, I wonder... should I start incorporating threats in my emails? Hmmm... maybe I should. Then perhaps word about helping animals would get around faster and to more people.

Email and electronic communication is a powerful tool. So don't abuse it, and instead use it for good causes. What I'm trying to say is that it only takes a minute of your time to make a difference. You can help save lives... So have a heart...

Animal Welfare : Who cares? I do... Do you?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I know this news is perhaps a bit old to many of you, but I have just come across this petition, and would really appreciate it if you guys could take just 5 minutes of your time to help make a difference for animal welfare in Malaysia.


Sign the Petition If You Are Outraged By The Murder Of Mr Eng's 13 Dogs By the Seremban Municipal Council, in Malaysia

Nick Josh Karean and his team have put up a Petition opposing the murder of Mr Eng Her Sun's dogs by the Seremban Municipal Council. This Petition will be sent to the Prime Minister.The Remember Sheena Campaign (RSC) will not explain who Mr Eng is as everyone in Malaysia knows about this poor man who had his dogs cruelly gunned down before his eyes.

If for some reason you haven't heard, go to the link to sign the Petition.

RSC calls upon all Malaysians to sign the Petition. Please click on link above to read more and sign. For those of you who still believe Mr Eng was an animal hoarder who should not be supported, think carefully first about the options anyone who loves animals have in helping a suffering animal in Malaysia.

In Malaysia the laws don't protect animals. The government bodies that have the authority to act like the Department of Veterinary Services, the local councils and for wildlife, the Department of Wildlife and National Parks are hopeless in protecting them and in many cases are themselves guilty of abuse.

It is the Department of Veterinary Services that is supposed to prosecute the Seremban Municipal Council for animal abuse when their officers massacred Mr Eng's dogs. Instead the Bar Council and independent lawyers who have compassion for animals are doing so.Few NGOs are sincere enough to speak up for these animals. Some are afraid to speak up for fear it will hurt their working relationship with these bodies named above.

In a country where the government doesn't protect animals, the shelters are putting them down and pet shops and breeders motivated by MONEY are given a free hand to breed more animals for people to dump on the streets and abuse, can you blame Mr Eng for doing what he could to help strays? Only those of you out there who have tried to help strays or rescued pets from abuse in Malaysia will understand what RSC is saying here.

So now will you sign the Petition?

Friday, November 10, 2006


19 November 2006, Bandar Utama Central Park

K9 X-Games OB Challenge Rules Agility Challenge Rules

We are off to the Carnival!

Brand new and eagerly anticipated event in the K9 calendar with challenging contests and enticing games lined up to showcase your dog's natural and quirky talents. Theme: ‘It's a Carnival!' ... loosely translated = ‘Party for Dogs!'
TIME: 7.30am - 2.00pm


Waiting for the games to begin ...CHALLENGE COMPETITIONSFirst time that Agility and OB challenges are being held together. OB challenge encompass pre-novice till open levels. Agility challenge will be running novice and basic jumpers levels. Basic jumpers is another exciting off-shoot of agility sport and as the name suggests, the course is set at a minimal difficulty level and on-leash runs are permitted to convince all agility fans to have a go.To encourage dog sports in the country, registration fees are set at a nominal RM10 per competition and the top 3 teams at each level will bring home trophies and prizes, courtesy of Eukanuba. The organisers certainly don't believe in charging exorbitant participating fees, which is cool.

Xgames, The Long Jumper @ Leap of Faith

K9 X-GAMESSneak preview of some of the intriguing games planned for the day:Best RetrieverTop Dog ModelSuper Sniffer DogD Coolest CatchTop Trick DogLongest Sit-up/ Stand on 2Best Kisser ... and in case you were wondering, this game is also only for the dogs.Just to give you a flavour, here's a description of some games:

Super Sniffer Dog - One for the hound dogs. Quickest 3 dogs to sniff out their favourite toy or treat hidden under 1 of 8 plastic cones will be rewarded. If your dog manages to sniff out some other item on the field, the ‘finders keepers' rule shall apply.

D Coolest Catch - One for the air borne dogs who are fond of catching thrown frisbee, ball or any toy or treat for that matter. All dogs will be allowed 2 attempts and judging is based on style, enthusiasm, height and distance. Finest 3 fielders will be rewarded. Takes with either mouth or paws, or both will be deemed a successful catch.

Best Kisser - An event for true dog lovers or rather, dogs who are fond of licking people's faces. 20 seconds time frame and judging will be based on stamina, enthusiasm and the ‘wet & wow' factor. The 3 smoothest kissers get the accolades.

The search for Msia's Top K9 Model is on

The K9 X-games are open to all dogs and each contest comes with 3 swell prizes which are up for grabs, courtesy of Eukanuba. Just for being a good sport, all teams who join in the games will also receive a participating gift from Eukanuba. Best of all, there are no entrance fees and dogs and owners can get stuck into as many contests as they wish. Most of the games are making their debut in the Dog Carnival and the fun factor is set on Xtreme.So bring along your party tricks and gear as we celebrate in the natural abilities and prowess of dogs. Make a date with us for a hip and sporty weekend ... also time for dogs and owners to get off the couch and hustle to the nearest park to get into shape for the Carnival challenges and games.


And not forgetting our very own Dog Squad who will be showcasing several new dog sports and activities. Heelwork to Music, Flyball and the Protection Work are in the pipeline, so don't miss the opening show. Due to time constraints, demos will be short but sweet.Yet another exciting dog event brought to you by ...

No entrance fees or registration required. All games participants will receive a token gift compliments of Eukanuba, while stocks last. Top 3 dogs in each game stand to win swell doggie prizes sponsored by Eukanuba.

For further description of all the games, do check out K9 X-Games

Entrance fees of RM10 per team. Closing date for registration is 15 November 2006.
Fee is inclusive of an OB and Agility workshop conducted by our invited judge from Singapore, Mr Tan Pak Song. Workshop will be held at 8am, 18 November 2006 at Sri Sedaya School in Subang Jaya.

All challenge teams will receive a participating gift compliments of Eukanuba. Top 3 dogs in each challenge competition stand to win neat trophies and prizes sponsored by Eukanuba.

Qualifying teams will also receive a challenge certificate from PetnYou.

Obedience Challenge Competition Rules
Agility Challenge Competition Rules

DISCOUNTED FEES apply if handler and dog register to participate in 2 or more challenge competitions. View Challenge Entry Form for further details on entrance fees.
Please fax completed forms to 03 - 7728 6768 or email to

Friday, November 03, 2006


Hello everyone,

I have been trying to load more of Cleo's birthday pics onto blogger but it has been an absolutely nightmare. The upload keeps failing and so I have decided to just post this with what I managed to upload... for the rest of the picturs, please visit Cleo's photo album.