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Sunday, March 16, 2014


 UPDATE: Milka has been adopted by a really nice family 

 UPDATE 14 MARCH 2014: We sent this sweet girl for grooming as her fur was quite dirty and slightly matted at her bum and tail area. Plus her nails were rather long. She's looking very nice now, and after that we took her to the vet today for a checkup. Unfortunately her parvo test kit reflects that she could be a borderline case for parvo. She shows no sign of being sick and her temperature is normal.

 We have managed to find a foster carer for her who can isolate he although he has a dog. The vet has prescribed some immune boosters and also antibiotics for any secondary infection that may set in. So please pray that it is a false positive and that she will be okay.

In the mean time we really need to find her family... Please share this as widely as possible and call 016 335 8768 if she is your dog.


 Just picked this girl up this evening at 8pm (12 March 2014) in Rasmi Jaya, Ampang.

She was walking in the middle of the road and was very disoriented. She is well fed and has no ticks and is just dirty from being out on the streets on her own. So we don't think this is a case of abandonment.

Please call 016 335 8768 if she is yours. 

If she isn't, please share with all your friends so that we can find her family. 
Proof of ownership is required
She will be put up for adoption if she is not claimed within a week. 

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