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Friday, November 15, 2013


 Folks, I have been completely swamped with work, rescued ones and fostering and have not had the time to post anything at all... So I do apologise for the silence.

However, this is just a gentle reminder to everyone that our cats and dogs are CARNIVORES!!! 

So just because you might be vegetarian, your cat and dog should NOT BE VEGETARIAN!!! 

Ideally they should be fed a PREY MODEL RAW DIET! This consists of plenty of fresh, raw meat and bones and organs!!! Not veges and fruits and other nonsense like grains!!!

Sorry, for shouting there, but had a phone call from someone who wanted advice on what to feed her over-weight basset hound that seems to have a million allergies. But whatever I tried to tell her, she had an excuse for not doing that, and then ends the call by telling me that a vegetarian kibble diet is what her basset hound needs! 

Argh... have no idea why she even called me when she did not want to listen to or even consider anything I had to say...

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