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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Cleo had to go for an ultrasound of the chest and abdomen last week which meant that she had to be shaved almost completely from her chest all the way down to her abdomen... She's not very pleased with her new look and neither am I.

The good news is that her heart is functioning great! So we are all quite relieved. I think the raw food must be doing her a whole lot of good... The not so good news is that she has some minor irregularities in her spleen and bladder.

Dr Prem doesn't think that we need to worry too much about it though. So hopefully she will be right as rain after a couple of weeks on cranberry concentrate tablets.

In the mean time, I really hope that her fur grows back soon... The last time she had her chest shaved, it took ages before all the fur grew back nicely...

1 comment:

Karen Joy said...

That is such good news! Well done Cleo and Cleo's Mommy!