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Thursday, August 09, 2012


Dehydrated Raw Buffalo Treats - ready to serve!
I recently learnt from Ntombi Peters (a friend on a Raw Feeding Group that I joined) how to make home made raw dehydrated treats! My first batch is now ready and I can't wait to let the kids try them!

So how do you make your own dehydrated raw treats? Well firstly, cut some fresh raw, super lean meat into small pieces. Arrange them on a plate (see picture above) and stick the plate into the fridge uncovered.

The meat should dry out slowly, and after two days or so, it should start to look like this. You may turn the treats over, or if you're lazy like me, just leave them in the fridge for another 2 days or so. When completely dried, remove and store in a container. The best part is, you don't have to refrigerate the treats once they are done!

By preparing the treats in this manner, you preserve all the nutrients of the meat and so your kiddo will be getting good treats instead of treats that have been cooked to death... ;-) I will let you know if the kids like them soon!

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