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Saturday, July 21, 2012


The kids have been having organ meat every now and then, mainly liver (chicken or pork) and gizzard. Occasionally they get kidneys and pig tripe (stomache). So far, I have been cooking the organ meat with some goji berries as they didn't quite like these raw.

However, today I decided to try feeding them raw pig's heart, kidneys and liver, in addition to some pork steak and pork ribs.

Cleo wolfed down everything in two ticks! I had put down her food, and then proceeded to put Lucky's and Mishka's food down (while my maid went to put down Belle and Rascal's food), and when I came back it was all gone! So no pictures of her eating any of it.

Lucky started eating the liver first, then the pork steak, then the pork rib. He tried eating the heart a few times but didn't quite like it. I then cut it into much smaller pieces and he was alot happier and ate all of it. But he refused to have the kidney! So Cleo ate that as well.

Belle and Rascal did NOT like the organ meats at all!!!

Rascal ate the pork steak, ribs and some of the liver. He tried a bit of heart, and then just turned his nose up at the rest.

Belle only ate the pork steak and rib. She tried very hard to eat the rest but just could not. She was glaring at the food with great disdain and gave me a really mean look.

Both Belle and Rascal just refused to eat these strange things quite flatly.

I finally decided to blanch them and try again. Rascal ate a few pieces of liver but refused the rest. Belle just wouldn't have any of it. Sigh...

I am slightly concerned I guess because tomorrow is Sunday. And Sunday is fasting day. Hopefully these 2 won't be too hungry tomorrow.

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