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Friday, June 01, 2012



Hello all,

I have been a bit busy this week so haven't had time to take new pictures of the kids and what they have been eating...But anyway I thought I should just let you all know that they are all doing pretty well...

They had a meal of chicken liver and gizzard yesterday which was boiled with a small piece of ginger and goji berries. They really liked it and Lucky was actually trying to climb onto the kitchen table to get it while I was dishing it out... :-)

They are getting alot more variety to their meals now although chicken is still the main meat that they get, and here's an idea of what they have been eating on a weekly basis now:

Monday - Raw Buffalo steak in the morning and chicken quarters in the evening
Tuesday - Mackerel in the morning, chicken quarters in the evening
Wednesday - Chicken quarters in the morning and evening
Thursday - Chicken quarters in the morning and organ meat cooked in a ginger and goji berry broth
Friday - Chicken quarters in the morning and pork ribs in the evening
Saturday - Chicken quarters in the morning, and a huge meal of chicken and lamb chops in the evening
Sunday - FAST with a snack of a soft boiled egg in the evening

I will be exploring other meat and bone options as I go along as they really seem to enjoy new things. :-)

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