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Saturday, June 09, 2012


Cleo has been a little poorly these past few days... :-( On Wednesday afternoon, she had trouble getting up and was walking really funny. She would hunch up, lean to her left and walk in a semi circle instead of a straight line. 

We took her to the vet in the evening when she didn't seem to be getting any better. The vet examined her thoroughly and could not find any physical signs of injury or stress etc.

Her heart sounded good and her reflexes were good. We even did a mini stress test - running and she managed to run although she was leaning to the left.Was told to observe her and bring her back if her condition became worse.

On Thurs, 7 June, she refused to go for her morning walk. Was quiet and slept the whole morning. Only became active when we had some guests in the afternoon and was playing with them.

She then became very quiet and struggled to stand/walk in the evening. So on Friday morning, we went back to the vet and again all her reflexes were good. She didn't flinch or show any signs of pain or discomfort when our vet stretched her legs, pressed her muscles and spine etc.

There were no issues with her ears and her heart also sounded good. But still she was leaning and semi-circling to the left. We were worried that it might be a stroke but our vet (whom we trust completely) didn't think it was a stroke. So he took blood for a complete blood test. We were prescribed anti-biotics and neurobion for the mean time.

Later in the evening, while massaging her I noticed that there was a vein/nerve that was very pronounced on the inside of her right elbow and in her right armpit. She reacted and pulled back her leg every time I pressed that nerve. I just continued to massage her gently for about half an hour before putting her to bed.

Her appetite these few days has been good and she has eaten all her meals which is a good sign to me as it means that she isn't that ill. 

This morning she went for her morning walk and was pretty enthusiastic and her limp/lean seems to have improved. The blood results came back and everything was perfect. All her organs were fine and there was no damage or deficiency etc, which our vet was pleased about. 

I told him about the nerve/vein in the leg and he told me to watch her carefully and bring her back if it worsens immediately. Otherwise, she is to go back on Tuesday for another checkup. I just hope that it's nothing and that she had just pulled a nerve or something like that. 
We have also booked her in for an acupuncture treatment next Tuesday afternoon, so hopefully that will help her as well. Wish us luck...

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Karen Joy said...

Glad she's getting better.