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Sunday, May 13, 2012


Yesterday, the kids were introduced to yet another new meat - pork! Well they had pork ribs to be specific. I bought these a few weeks ago and put it in the freezer and only fed it to them yesterday.

I was a little concerned about the parasites that might be present in the pork that we get here in Malaysia, hence the freezing for a few weeks. Apparently any parasites that might be present in raw meat can be killed by freezing. 

Some sites recommend freezing the meat for at least 24 hours, others 3-4 days and some in the case of pork 3 weeks. I wasn't quite sure which to follow so I decided that to be safe and go with 3 weeks.

See Myths about Raw and Bold Raw for more information.

The kids really enjoyed eating the ribs. It took them much longer to finish their dinner but it was really fun watching them eat with such gusto and relish.

Yesterday was also their weekly gorge as they now fast every Sunday. So they got a chicken quarter, chicken feet and a couple of pork ribs.

The only one who didn't get a gorge fest was Cleo as she is still on anti-biotics for her UTI and so can't do her weekly fast.

When they finished their meal, everyone had a big snooze!

Mishka also had a bit of pork meat that I trimmed off some of the ribs. He enjoyed it too. If any of you are thinking of feeding your cats a raw diet, just remember to be patient and to just keep trying. Your cat will come round to it.

And don't stress if your cat doesn't like something. Keep offering different types of meat to him periodically and you will soon learn what your cat likes and dislikes. Also I have learnt, that Mishka can eat something one day, and then turn his nose up at it the next day.

So far, he likes his chicken best, followed by lamb and then I guess pork. He ate beef one day and then didn't want anything to do with it the next day... But I will keep trying. 

And this evening, although they were supposed to be fasting, I gave them a soft boiled egg each as a small snack.

Ordinarily I don't give them anything the entire day, but as Cleo was having her dinner, I felt it would have been really mean of me if I didn't give the rest of them something.

I cracked the egg for them and left the shell in their plates to see if they would eat the shell too.

I had read somewhere that you were supposed to feed them the whole egg raw, shell and all. They gobbled up the egg, played with the shell a little and then left the shell. 

See Dogs Naturally for more information on feeding raw eggs.


Everyone had good poops this morning, so I know they didn't have any issues with the pork.
No dog seemed hungry either although they didn't get breakfast.

Oh and I can't remember if I mentioned this in my previous post, but one BIG difference from eating raw meat is that they have all pretty much STOPPED farting. They used to fart alot when they were on kibble, and now they don't. :-)


I will definitely be getting them more pork from now on. I just need to plan their meals properly as I need to freeze them for quite a bit before feeding it to them. This means that I will need to clean, pack and label each meal to ensure that I defrost the right pack to feed.

I am definitely getting more confident with each meal as they seem to just handle everything that I have tried with them really well. The only real exception being Belle's dislike for liver! 

But overall I am quite pleased that I am now able to feed them more variety. It really is so much fun watching them eat these days. And I know I must sound like a broken tape recorder, but seriously I have zero food wastage now. So it's just really great! 

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