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Thursday, May 10, 2012


My kids have been on a Raw Meaty Bones diet for a couple of months now. Generally, they all seem to have adapted pretty well to it.

So far, they have been having organic chicken, mackerel and lamb. They have also had some chicken liver and gizzard as well as pork liver. Belle has been the only one to NOT like liver and has struggled with eating it. So when I fed them the pork liver, I decided to boil it and everyone ate it.

I have also been practicing a one day fast per week and it seems to do them good. They have been fasting on Sundays and no dog seems to be bothered that there is no food for them on Sundays. What I do though is to give them a huge meal on Saturday evenings to make sure that they don't get too hungry on Sundays.

Last week I bought a 1.5kg strip of beef. I cut the beef up into large pieces and served it up with their chicken quarters.

Every dog gobbled the beef up pretty quickly... I only managed to get a picture of Lucky eating it as he usually waits for Cleo to finish her food before he starts to eat for some reason.

Poop talk again - all the kids generally have had good poos throughout their raw diet so far. On the rare occassion that they have slightly soft poo, it resolves itself pretty quickly.

Overall, all of the kids skin and coat have improved. They are all shedding ALOT less. The difference is really quite obvious.


Belle's skin has improved significantly. She still has a few small red-ish spots, but they all seem to be drying up.Additionally, she is also alot trimmer than she was before which is fantastic!

 Lucky's skin is also improving. He had a pretty nasty lesion on his foot for a very long time. And all we could do was control it. It has now healed completely and his fur has started to grow back. The hot spots that he had seem to have pretty much gone too. While he still itches it's very much under control now.

Rascal is doing great on his raw diet. He has put on a little bit of weight and is alot friskier.

Cleo is doing pretty well. She gave us a minor scare last week cause she developed UTI. She is now on anti-biotics for it. While I am generally against anti-biotics for myself, I guess I am not sure if I can make that decision for her. However, I am giving her pro-biotics at as well to hopefully counter the effects of the anti-biotics.

Mishka is also doing quite well. He eats pretty quickly now and although he still likes it when we hand feed him, we no longer have to coax him to eat his raw meat. He has also tried some lamb and beef and seem to quite like the different types of meat. He still does not like liver though.

I am really pleased with how the kids are adapting to the raw diet. And I am also getting more comfortable with feeding them, and am less worried about trying new things. I am still working my way up to include more variety in their diet. This week I will be introducing pork ribs to them and hopefully it will go well.

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