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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Introducing Liver & Gizzard to the kids

I introduced chicken liver and gizzard to the kids for their breakfast today.

Cleo and Rascal gobbled it all up in a few seconds. Lucky struggled a little but ate it in the end.

Poor Belle, however, could not quite understand what these things were. She tried really hard to eat it but just couldn't. :-(

So for the first time ever, Belle skipped a meal!

I'll try again this evening and see if she will eat it.

UPDATE: Belle didn't manage to eat the liver and gizzard this evening either. She tried really hard to eat them but gave up after a half hour... Poor thing...


missyblurkit said...

hmmm this is one thingy that i have yet to try on Shalom in raw form.

Natasha Fernz said...

Well it's not something that they will get alot of... maybe once a week or once every two week...and a pretty small amount.

Cleo had 2 pieces of liver with heart, and 4 pieces of gizzard this morning. The rest of them only had half of that.