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Thursday, March 29, 2012



karynn said...

Hi Natasha, do u know of any websites teaching us how to prepare homemade diets for our pets? This doctor sells the recipe book but does not post the recipe on her website. I'd like to try out for my cats but afraid if I simply give them raw meats, it'd be un-proportionate to their nutritional needs & make things worse than feeding commercial products. @.@

Natasha Fernz said...

Hello Karynn

Here is a site that has some recipes to make your own raw cat food.

However, don't stress about getting their diet balanced straight away... As long as they get a balanced diet over a period of time (e.g. over a month), they will be fine.

My Mishka (the cat) was on a gradual transition - he had one raw meal and one kibble meal a day for about 2 weeks plus.

Do NOT mix the kibble with the raw, and give your cat several hours between the raw and kibble.

I slowly replaced the kibble with raw and now he is on raw completely.

Mishka is still on a single protein source so far, we are on week 3 now. He has had only raw chicken meat cut into small pieces for the first couple of weeks(if your cat will eat large pieces all the better - ground isn't as good as whole pieces) .

This week I have added ground chicken bone (again if your cat will chew on the actual bone, that is even better!). He is tolerating it well. I will be adding organ meat next week.

You will notice a great reduction in your cats poop. Nothing to worry about as the raw meat is alot more digestible. Now that Mishka is on raw completely, he only poops every 2/3 days...

Good luck with trying raw for your cat...

karynn said...

Hi Natasha,

Yay!! Will give it a try... they are shedding like mad, am hoping a better diet will reduce that. Thanx!!! :)

Natasha Fernz said...

Good luck with this and don't give up if your cats don't seem to like it... they just have no idea what real food is and it will take some cats weeks or even months to be convinced...

PS: It helped Mishka's shedding alot!