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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The kids had their first taste of fish last night...  I bought them "ikan kembung" (spanish mackerel), and surprisingly everyone took to it really well.

Cleo & Lucky's dinner.
Cleo and Lucky had 2 fish and 2 wings each last night, while Belle and Rascal had half of that...

Rascal gobbled up his fish first, and then ate his chicken wing...

Belle ate her chicken first, and then inspected the fish for a bit before deciding to try it.

Cleo - enjoying her fish

Lucky also inspected his fish thoroughly before eating it.
Cleo did regurgitate one of her two fishes about half an hour after her meal.  But this was mainly due to the fact that she was prancing about madly after dinner... It was quite hilarious though when the fish came out, cause it was still pretty much intact. Slightly crushed but intact...

Everyone had good poops this morning which was great. I was a bit worried if the new "meat" would upset their tummy, but it didn't.

I definitely will include fish in their diet from now on... maybe once a week or so depending on when I can go and get really fresh fish. I am still slightly concerned about the possibility of mercury poisoning and the likes though...

1 comment:

zeeFM said...

Ah ! The fish working ! I mean they liked it =D Though the fish being intact makes me wonder if they inhaled it =D

And I used to give lamb shoulders or the parts with less white and more red to it. He enjoys them with apples and tomatoes =D