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Sunday, March 18, 2012


I can't believe we're almost an entire month into raw meaty bones.

And although the kids have only been having chicken so far, they still relish every meal ; and my favourite part is that there really has been zero food wastage since we started.

Belle and Rascal - happy and contented after dinner
They all seem very contented after each meal which is just really nice.

Belle's skin is improving - I think it's a combination of the diet and also the application of Orgaderm daily.

Belle has also lost weight which we are ecstatic about. We have been trying to make her lose weight ever since we adopted her in 2010 but we have never been able to, even though we give her really small amounts of kibble and hardly any treats or snacks.

She is beginning to show a bit of a waist and is also fitter than before. She can now manage her walks at a pretty brisk pace and we no longer have to stop for breathers. So this is really great too...

Rascal - looking quite regal
Rascal is doing great. It looks like he has put on some weight and that is also an achievement. Rascal was skin and bones when he adopted us many years ago. And while we managed to get him to look less like a skeleton, he was still the skinniest dog we ever had. His ribs were always visible.

We tried feeding him all kinds of food, supplements etc but to no avail. And now just 29 days into the raw diet, he has filled out a little.

He is still pretty thin but at least now when we stroke him we don't feel like we're stroking a bag of bones, but we actually can feel some meat on him. So hopefully we'll manage to put on a bit more weight on him.
Cleo hoarding all her toys!
Cleo is doing great. She has lost a little weight as intended. Although Cleo wasn't over weight but because of her heart condition, it was important that she lost a little bit of weight.

Her stamina seems to be improving. We are now managing 30-40 minutes walk, and we are no longer walking at a snails pace, but at a steady pace.

She is also alot more alert and active during the day, and her playfulness and silliness is coming back! :-)

Lucky - chomping on his breakfast
Lucky is eating well although he struggles a little with the bigger pieces. So sometimes he wants me to hold on to the chicken while he chews it.

Lucky's tummy seems to have completely rectified itself which is great. His temperament seems to have also improved as reported earlier.

His skin, however, is still not great. It hasn't gotten worse, but it hasn't gotten better either.

I am not sure if this is still part of the detox phase that he is going through or he is actually allergic to maybe the chicken bones. I'll stick with this for a couple more weeks with Lucky and see how we progress...

Mishka has probably been the most problematic in terms of the switch to raw. While he eats his chicken meat, he still prefers his kibble over it. And he will try his level best to hold out from eating until I give him his kibble. So it has been somewhat slow with Mishka.

Mishka's coat however seems to have improved quite a bit. He is not shedding as much as before. I used to have to brush him every day with a slicker brush and I would get 3 or 4 loads of fur. But now I get about half a load of fur a day, which is great.

So I am really hoping that he will take to his raw food properly soon...


zeeFM said...

Could Lucky be not used or slightly allergic to chicken? Lamb if you are up for it can be a good alternative ? I feed some of it to Zeus for variety sometimes =D

Natasha Fernz said...

Hi Zeus...

We thought that Lucky was allergic to chicken a few years ago, and at the time we tried all sorts of kibble till we finally got him settled on Lamaderm (a lamb and rice formula), but eventhough his skin improved quite a bit, he was still itching.

Then Orijen became more readily available in the market, and we switched him and all the rest to the 6 Fish Formula and his coat was really great on that. Shiny and glossy.

And what we realised was that he was highly allergic to all commercial dog foods and treats that contained chicken, but had no issues when eating chicken that I cooked for his meals/treats.

So that's why I have decided to keep him on the chicken for a bit more to see if it clears up...

I will consider giving him lamb later on but it is very fatty and I don't think it will be good for him to have that daily...

They will be trying their first raw fish dinner tonight though.

Wish me luck...