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Monday, March 12, 2012


We have passed the three week mark of our raw meaty bones diet and I haven't got much to report from our last posting...

I had a couple of people ask me if I cut the chicken up, if I remove the skin, if I remove the bone?

So I thought I would just post some pictures  of how I feed them their chicken. As mentioned previously, I get them DQ Clean Chicken - which is as organic as you can get in Malaysia I think. And I get the chicken supplier (Good 4U Delivery - they are really reliable in terms of delivery and are incredibly helpful as well) to quarter the chickens for me. And I also get a few extra packets of just chicken wings.

Cleo's breakfast of chicken wings today
Cleo and Lucky's dinner - chicken wing and breast quarter
I take off some of the breast meat when I feed the wing and breast quarters to Belle and Rascal so that it comes to about their ration of 200g for dinner.

Rascal inspecting his dinner
Meal times are really great now cause every dog is really happy to eat...

Cleo and Rascal used to take ages on their kibble and now they are the first ones to finish. Belle used to inhale her food but now she needs to take her time to gnaw and crunch the bones. Lucky also eats happily now.

And most importantly, there is no food wastage anymore - I used to have to bin quite a bit of kibble periodically cause they just wouldn't eat it. And as I used to mix their kibble with boiled chicken, I couldn't keep it for the next meal...
Lucky chilling after dinner

Belle's skin is improving slowly... Lucky is still unfortunately itching (not excessively though) and 2 new red spots have developed. Am applying Orgaderm for both of them as mentioned previously, and it seems to be under control.
Cleo getting ready for a post dinner snooze

Not quite sure what to make of Belle and Lucky's skin issues. They both have always had skin problems. But it improved significantly when we switched to Orijen. So hopefully this will resolve itself soon...
Mishka - not very pleased with chicken that is still on the bone
Have been feeding Mishka (my cat) some raw chicken. He has been quite happy eating the chicken breast meat, but he just will not touch any chicken that is still on the bone...

So at the moment he is still on a small amount of kibble and about 75-100g of raw chicken meat a day. Hopefully, he will come round to eating the bones soon...

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zeeFM said...

I probably should try out some of that chicken for myself =P any idea what those red spots are ? Zeus had some but they vanished in a few days...