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Friday, March 02, 2012


We are now at Day 13 of the Raw Meaty Bones diet...

One thing for sure, I no longer have a problem at meal times with the kids. They eat their food with such gusto and I absolutely love watching them eat. Now meal times are over in 15 minutes (and this includes the time to weigh and dish out the meat and bones for all of them!)

Yesterday, I pureed two apples and added about 2 tablespoons each of the puree to their evening meal. All of them except Cleo enjoyed the apple. 

This evening, I gave them about 50g of Australian minced beef together with the chicken meal. I added some Flaxseed Oil, Vitamin E and Vitamin C to the mince. They gobbled all their food up with no complaints. 


Rascal - chilling
Rascal & Lucky had a blob of mucus in their poo today. This could probably be from the apple. But otherwise their poo is great.

Cleo has generally had increased energy levels. She is more alert during the day and is playing more during the day too. She also looks forward to her meals now which she never used to do. However, she still isn't doing that well in the walking/exercise department.

Yesterday and today, we only managed 20 minutes very slow walk. As mentioned previously, she has been on a number of supplements which I am hoping, together with this raw diet, will improve her condition.

Lucky's fur is looking slightly dry and lacklustre at the moment, compared to when he was on the Orijen 6 Fish Formula. His coat was sleek and glossy then. This was one of the reasons that prompted me to add some flaxseed oil and vitamin E to their meal. I have only added a small amount today and will see how well they all tolerate it before increasing the amount or discontinuing it. 

The other reason was because Belle seems to have had a relapse of her skin problem. Her skin improved significantly when we were on the Orijen 6 Fish Formula, and I just had to watch for any hot spots, and this will resolve quickly with some apple cider vinegar solution on the hot spots.

Currently, she has developed a number of spots on her belly, in between her toes and on her ear flaps and the apple cider vinegar is not helping. Have now been treating it with antibiotic cream, which the vet prescribed previously, as it's getting a bit bad. So hopefully it will improve soon. Otherwise, it'll be another trip to the vet.

I am going to try and get some salmon oil tomorrow to replace the flaxseed oil. I am not sure if I can get the one that I want here, i.e. not in a capsule, so that I can just put it on their food and not have to force it down their throats.

It's a pity that alot of the supplements that we can get in the UK are not available here. This makes it so much harder to ensure that the kids get a "balanced" diet as it means that you have to add several things to their meals instead of one or two all inclusive formulas. 

Anyway, will keep updating this as we go along. I am slightly concerned about Belle and Lucky's skin/coat condition. So am hoping that I will manage to remedy it soon cause I do not want to have to switch back to kibble... Wish me luck.

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