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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Cleo inspecting her chicken wing/breast quarter

We are now on Day 4 of the raw diet for my pack and generally things seem to be going pretty well.

Cleo and Belle had really nice, small, firm poos this morning. Both boys have yet to do a poop, which is good in a way, particularly for Lucky as it means his tummy is managing the chicken wing and breast quarter form last night quite well.

I have been blanching their chicken slightly before feeding them (for my own peace of mind), and today I didn't blanch it as much and they seemed to be fine with it.

Belle was the only one who didn't eat her breakfast. I am not sure if it's because she actually was not hungry or because she didn't like it that raw. Having said that, usually if she has not had enough to eat or is hungry she will howl and bark until we give her more food. And today she didn't... So perhaps she is actually feeling full from eating these raw meaty bones?

Cleo chomping down on her chicken quarter
I currently buy chicken enough for 2/3 days as my freezer isn't quite large enough to store more meat than that. I clean the chicken (although the Sakura chicken that I buy seem to be really quite clean with not much slime and no smell) and pack them into small zip-lock bags for each dog's meal, and freeze them.

At the moment, I am giving them 2% of their body weight divided into 2 meals.

I defrost the meat by leaving it a couple of hours at room temperature and then stick it into the fridge for their next meal. 
Defrosting the kids' dinner
Their meals individually packed and frozen
When I was last at the supermarket, I paid a bit more attention to the different types of chicken that were on offer. 
Nutriplus Chicken
The Nutriplus chicken costs about RM13-18 depending on the weight is Antibiotic Residue Free. This basically means (without going into too mich detail) that the chickens were given antibiotics during the farming process. Then prior to being slaughtered they are taken off the antibiotics

DQ Clean Chicken
 The DQ Clean Chicken is supposed to be organic and completely grass fed. No antibiotics are fed to the chickens at all during farming, and the chickens are allowed to roam freely and have plenty of exercise and fresh air etc. See their website for more details. The DQ Clean Chicken is however alot more expensive at about RM24-29 at Isetan for a relatively smaller bird.

Kami Sakura Chicken
And finally, this is what I feed my lot. The Kami Sakura Chicken. These chickens are supposed to be hygienically farmed using special Japanese Techniques and are not fed antobiotics. They also have access to sunlight and have space to roam and exercise. The chickens cost RM23.90 per bird and weigh approximately 1.2-1.4 kgs.

Right, so this is my update for the day, and I am hoping that this information would be useful to potential raw feeders in Malaysia.


Anny said...

Kudos to you for trying out the BARF diet for your furry ones. I started giving raw chicken to mine last year after he recovered from a long sickness. I was skeptical as you are about the raw meat but his poos are really nice looking and don't smell.. really! I still give him 1/2 cup of kibbles for lunch as sometimes he goes for boarding and its easier for the boarders to feed him. Hope the diet works for all your furries.


Natasha Fernz said...

Hi Anny...

Thanks for stopping-by... It's slightly nerve racking but am getting to grips with the whole raw diet thing slowly...


Anny said...

It will be fine as you go along and see the difference in them. I get my meat for Dom at a chicken wholesaler. Its much much cheaper and i just buy breast meat or whole chicken legs. They supply to the restaurants here. I get the chicken backs from the wet markets. Sometimes they throw in some necks and livers for free :) At one time, my neighbours were thinking i've gone stir crazy as i am always checking my dog's poo :D

have a great weekend!