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Monday, January 30, 2012


This is a quick update on Bones:

I have been meaning to post this for sometime now but just never got round to it for several reasons...Anyway, Bones was adopted at the end of November last year by a really nice family. They were undoubtedly very concerned about her history and went to great lengths to ensure that Bones would adapt well in their family.

They came to visit Bones prior to adopting her and spent a couple of hours just sitting down and waiting for her to warm up to them. Then they agreed to a couple of play sessions at their home to enable Bones to get used to their home, before we dropped Bones off with them as a new member of their family.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Bones with her new family...

Bones - checking out her new home
Bones - getting the grand tour from her new human sister


Bones playing with Benny - her new brother

Bones waiting in the bushes to ambush Benny

Sunday, January 22, 2012


It's Chinese New Year Eve today and many of us will be home with our families to usher in the new Dragon year. And of course, one of highlights of the Chinese New Year celebrations is fireworks!

While fireworks may be exhilarating for us humans, it can be quite terrifying for our pets, both cats and dogs alike. So folks, please ensure that your pets are safe tonight.

Put your cats in cages and cover the cages to give them a sense of security. 

Ensure that your dog is secured and has a safe place to "hide". If your dog is crate trained, put him in his crate before the fireworks start.  And give him a nice treat to chew on and keep him occupied. If you have a Thundershirt, put it on before the fireworks as well to help keep your dog calm.

It is important to secure your pets to prevent them from getting frightened and disoriented, which may cause them to try to find somewhere to hide and in that process either get lost or injure themselves.

And in the mean time Happy Chinese New Year folks.