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Monday, November 14, 2011



Folks, we really need to get Bones either adopted or into foster by the end of the month as we will be away for the whole of December. Please, please help us get Bones a good home ASAP. Otherwise we may have no choice but to send her to a shelter. 
Please email me at or call me at 016-3228816.


12/11/11 - We took Bones on her first outing on Saturday, and she had a blast. She gets along well with other dogs and is also good with well behaved children that will not scare her or be rough with her.

Please help Bones find a good and loving home. For a little love and affection, Bones will be the most loyal companion one could ask for. Email me at if you would like to adopt her.

Bones - running happily with Cleo and a friend's child.
Bones (left) meeting Elvis for the first time
Bones (right) chilling with Elvis

Bones letting a stranger pet her

Bones mingling with other doggies

Bones (left) and Cleo

Bones (left) trying to get the ball from Cleo

Bones (right) chilling with Cleo

Bones having fun with another kid

Bones is enjoying herself with Doug and friends.
Bones saying hello to another doggie


Pippa said...

Bones really is gorgeous. Can't believe anyone threw her out in the first place :( Do hope she finds a home soon.


missyblurkit said...

Bones is awesomely doing well! A good socialised furkid. Good job Tasha for this rescue:D

Ridzzy said...


Good day! My name is Ridzwan and though being a muslim, my family and I grew up with dogs in my household. My father really cared for dogs and his favorite being a German Sheppard.

Now that I am married and moved to my own place, i too am looking to have one to care for and to love. I want my child to also grow up loving and appreciating this caring pet.

Actually, I am contacting you because I do not have any contacts of a reputable breeder. My mind is pretty much made up that I would want to keep a Labrador retriever as our pet of choice. Reason being, i fully trust a lab to be a good and gentle friend to my 4 yr old child.

I have tried looking on the net but they all occurred to me as being "dog-mill" or bark yard breeder. I do not want to support this kind of sales, so I am looking for a breeder who loves the dogs that he breeds as much as i do.

I would greatly appreciate if you can help forward me on to any reputable breeders who will take the time and effort to talk to me about Lab care and any other things that i need to know.
Hope to hear from you soon.
I can be contacted at

Natasha Fernz said...

Hi Ridzwan

Thanks for your post...

Unfortunately, as much as I love labradors and think that they are the best breed ever, I do not know of any breeders personally.

My Cleo was adopted, and my two other labs were rescued. You will find that there are quite a few labradors out there that are looking for homes.

While I believe labs are the gentlest creatures and will generally not harm a child or any person, labs are also big and boisterous dogs that need ALOT of exercise and space. This means that accidents could happen - i.e. the lab may accidentally push your child over in play etc.

Therefore, you will need to spend time training the dog and your child to ensure that both are safe.

Having said that, my Cleo seems to instinctively know when she is dealing with a child or elderly person. And the manner in which she plays changes quite dramatically when she plays with them as compared to us.

Anyway, I would recommend that you contact MKA for a list of breeders if you are still keen on getting a puppy from a breeder.

Otherwise, please do look into PAWS, PetFinder and other shelters/rescue organisations where there may be a lab waiting to be taken home to a family.

Hope this has helped some, and do email me if you need more information on having a labrador as part of your family.

Ridzzy said...

Hi Natasha,

Size is currently not an issue. Maybe i forgot to mention, that I have kept larger mongrels in my household before this. Both have passed on now due to ripe old age.

I do have a large corner lot property so there is alot of room for exercise and play while at home, plus I live very close to a dog friendly park. So basically size is not an issue.

Yes i also plan to go for obedience training and invest my time to making sure that both child and dog are safe.

Thanks for the info. I will get in touch with MKA and keep looking. I am actually quite against buying from a pet store, else I would have owned one already by now.

thanks again ,
PS - i do not have access to your email address.