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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Last weekend, 17 of Pn Robbiah's cats (11 females from the Shah Alam vet, and 6 males from the Setiawangsa vet) were relocated to their new home - a lovely bamboo farm out in the country. I would like to thank the people who made this possible - namely the volunteers who came with me to catch the cats at Pn. Robbiah's house and then to relocate them, the vets and most importantly each and everyone of you who contributed towards this cause.

Shah Alam Vet - 11 of the 12 cats sent to the Shah Alam vet have been relocated. The remaining cat will be going back to Pn Robbiah as that was one of her favourites. The total bill at Shah Alam is RM1,905 for the spaying/neutering and other medical treatment, e.g. for the flu, flea treatment etc. I will try and get the bill scanned and uploaded as soon as I can.

Setiawangsa Vet - 6 male cats sent to the Setiawangsa vet have been relocated. We unfortunately lost 5 of the cats/kittens (the sickest ones to viral infections). They were the ones that were down with diarrhoea and were vommitting when we picked them up from Pn Robbiah's. The 3 mother cats and their remaining kittens, and the other cats are still being treated. Some of the kittens are still quite sickly and I hope that they will recover soon.  

I will be getting the bill from Setiawangsa once all the cats are well and can be moved to their new home. I suspect that this bill will be quite huge as there were 25 cats in total sent to this vet, and due to all the medical treatment that had to be provided for the cats. 


Sponsorship Raised so Far                             RM3,990.00
Expenses Incurred & Paid @ Shah Alam         RM1,905.00
Balance                                                         RM2,085.00

Expenses Incurred @ Setiawangsa to be finalised when all cats are discharged 

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