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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Walking the Kids

I think my neighbours must think I am mad cause the kids and I go out really early for our walks these days, i.e. when it's still dark... The reason being that I have recently started a new project where the client requires me to be on site everyday. And as I feel that the kids need to go out eventhough I have to go to work, I have made it a point to wake up extra early to take them before I dash out to work... 

It can be quite dangerous to walk in the dark cause you can't be seen, so I ordered these High Visibility Vests for them. It's quite funny when all the people in the cars that go by, do a double take! I think we're the only people with really strange equipment for our dogs... 

I guess I just want to highlight to everyone that it is really important to keep your dogs safe when you are out with them. Make sure that they are leashed and visible to prevent any untoward incidents!

Cleo chilling with her favourite toy


The Frugal Gourmet said...

Hallo seester, well done on the high visibility vests!!!

also i came across this article today on how rabbits are the most poorly treated pets due to misinformation and ingrained outmoded habits! e.g. they need lots of exercise but pet stores keep sellign these tiny hutches so they become overweight and depressed!

thought it might be useful to highlight!

Pippa said...

I don't have a hi-vis but master does. We go out in the dark too sometimes as we are early risers (but sometimes late walkers too). That is a good idea - I will tell Master and Mistress about it.