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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Dear all,

I have a small shipment of Thundershirts available for sale in Malaysia. Thundershirts are The Best Dog Anxiety Solution that is drug free and easy to use.

Thundershirts are great for the following issues:
(click on the issues below to find out how the Thundershirt can help solve these problems)
With Sarah Fisher and the TTouch Team at Tilley Farm, Bath; UK
I started using the Thundershirt on all my kids after it was recommended to me by top UK dog trainer - Sarah Fisher. I was sceptical at first, but after using it and achieving amazing results, particularly with Lucky - my most difficult dog, I am now a true believer.

Price: RM148 (including delivery within Peninsular Malaysia)
Sizes Available: XS, S, M & L (see sizing information below)
Colour: Heather Grey

Size     Chest Size     Weight
XS      13"-18"           10-18 lbs.
S      16"-23"           15-25 lbs.
M      18"-26"           20-50 lbs.
L      24"-32"           40-70 lbs.

Please email me at to place your order.

** Please note that does NOT currently ship to Malaysia.

Here are some pictures of my kids in their Thundershirts!

~Rascal - looking absolutely handsome!

Rascal & Belle chilling with their Thundershirts

Belle and Rascal goofing around in their Thundershirts

Lucky - having a walkabout in our garden after just a few days in the Thundershirt! Prior to this, he has NEVER set foot outside the house cause he was just too scared!

Lucky - enjoying the outdoors

Lucky - actually smiling while being outside!

Lucky inspecting our new shipment of Thundershirts

Cleo and Lucky in their "Rugby" Thundershirts...  will consider bringing these in if the response is good as they are more expensive...


And here's a short video of Lucky and his progress with the Thundershirt, TTouch and clicker training. I would not have been able to achieve all of this with Lucky without the Thundershirt!!!


missyblurkit said...

the kids look good! and plus the fact that they work magic. it sounds superb!

will measure geri who's been barking her heads off ever since she's shifted to an apartment. she'll need it. my sis has resosrted to a muzzle when she's home alone and that sounds awful:-(

Natasha Fernz said...

Oh no... a muzzle isn't good for her...

do do try the Thundershirt and leave her with some stuffed Kong's and possibly a nice dark crate to sleep in too...

it really has worked wonders for my lot, especially my Lucky... he's a completely different dog now...

mary khoo said...

My lab is horridly afraid of thunderstorms and loud noises. It's gotten worse as he's gotten older and nothing seems to help. How effective do you think this will be?

mary khoo said...

My lab is horridly afraid of thunderstorms and loud noises. He's gotten worse as he's gotten older. Nothing seems to help. He paces and he gets really thin during the rainy season. Do you think this will be effective to combating this problem?

Natasha Fernz said...

Hi Mary,

Have written you an email... Do let me know if you would like to get one.

Based on my personal experience as well as the results seen from other dogs who use the Thundershirts, this really does work! Plus the fact that there are no drugs involved is another plus point.

Cheers and warm regards