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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Lucky's Progress with Clicker Training

With Sarah Fisher and the TTouch Team at Tilley Farm, Bath; UK

Grooming Rusty

Rusty is another one of our rescued dogs... He came to us some years ago through an acquaintance who found him in the middle of the road... He somehow sustained pretty serious injuries to his head, and this resulted in him becoming partially blind. His left eye is almost completely blind and his right eye isn't that great either.

Anyway, he lives with my dad, and is doing pretty well. He has learnt where everything is and has stopped bumping into things like he used to when he first arrived.

Anyway, he hasn't been very well recently and so we have not been able to send him to the groomers as he would get into a real frenzy if we put him into the car. And so I decided that I had to do the job myself as his fur was getting terribly long!!!

 This was Rusty before getting his fur clipped by yours truly - looking rather grouchy!
And this is Rusty (with Jesse our other rescued Lab in the background), 3 hours and 2 aching arms later- looking quite alot chirpier... Although I must say it's not exactly a very stylish look!